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2021: a yr of change, isolation, loneliness, tragedy, consequences, discoveries, and growth

wow!! it's been over half a yr since my last blog post. i also just realized that it's gonna b a yr since joining spacehey, starting february 10th. but anyway, let's get 2 the point of this blog post.

as u can already tell by the title, 2021 has been a yr of nothing but struggles. it wasn't as bad as 2020, but it still was a rough yr @ least 4 me. b4 and after i joined spacehey, i was facing a lot of struggles not only in my internet life, but in my personal life as well.

in my personal life, my parents were on the verge of getting divorced after 16 yrs, and still r, therefore resulting in my dad abandoning me, leaving me w my mother 2 b there 4 me and vice versa, my grandparents' 2 dogs and my own dog passed away just months apart from 1 another (1 in february, another 1 in may, and the final 1 in november), i was still doing virtual learning 4 the remainder of the school yr and didn't talk 2 or run in2 any of my peers and vice versa, leaving me feeling v isol8ed, as i did not have contact w them, and when i did return 2 school after over a yr and a half of virtual learning, no1 talked 2 me or ask how i was doing after all the isolation and loneliness of virtual learning, which left me feeling even more isol8ed and alone.

in my internet life, b4 i joined spacehey, i was still on instagram, snapchat, and twitter, and i didn't rlly talk 2 any1 on those platforms. none of my peers from school direct messaged me or reached out 2 me. around that time, although i never photoshopped my pictures, i was also excessively using face filters on snapchat and posting them on my instagram. i didn't think 2 much abt it until my mom called me out on it, and once she did, i stopped using the filters and comparing myself 2 others. but it wasn't always like that. during my time on instagram, i was following a bunch of nostalgia fan pages, and that seemed 2 distract me from all the instagram fakeness, @ least a lil' bit. but then, early on in the yr, i discovered spacehey. i was a bit nervous joining it bc i didn't think any1 would talk 2 me or acknowledge me, but then i tried it after a month, and as time went on, it not only had a huge impact on my life and well-being, but it also made me realize that the "influencer" drama is useless and disappointing and that the "instagram influencer" lifestyle is completely fake, photoshopped, and filtered. and bc of my time on spacehey, i made the ultim8 decision 2 delete all my social media, and i honestly couldn't b much happier.

overall, while 2021 wasn't as bad as 2020, it was still a yr of highs and lows. now that 2022 is here, hopefully i can c sum positive changes in life, remove all the toxic and negative stuff from my life as much as possible, make new friends, meet new ppl, and overall just grow and become a better person. i also wanna b more active on spacehey and contribute more, like make new layouts, blog posts, forums, all that good stuff.

let's pray that 2022 is much better than 2020-2021. i hope y'all r having an amazing new yr so far.

ilusm and i will keep y'all posted as always!! happy new yr 2022!!

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ugh i felt the same way this year :( so lonely and isolated from everybody and stuck with my fam that i don't like except for my sis and she left for college in august.

2021 didn't have as low of lows as 2020 but the highs weren't as high either :/ i'm gonna be moving soon so hopefully that will get my life back on track! i'm just glad i'm not the only one that felt so isolated, it kinda made me feel like i wasted a year of my life.

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Even with those challenges. I still think 2021 was better than 2022. C'mon 2022 is the year that Bob Saget passed away at. RIP Bob Saget, you'll be missed :(. Also I had a few bad days. January 1st and January 14th. Because of personal reasons I don't want to cover up.

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same, last year i had lots of seasonal depression during winter which is June to August for us. I lost my best friend who started spreading bad runours abt me and got depressed over that to. I had strong social anxiety and hated myself. This yr I am starting to like myself more and enjoying the good things in life, plus my cosplay stuff is going Well!^^

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I am always depressed and people get mad at me when I sit and cry myself to sleep at night they laugh at me when I say I don't wanna eat because I am depressed

by LISA black pink; ; Report

yeah, those feels cos no one understands and they think ur just looking for attention

by xXtoon.kidXx; ; Report

i'm rlly srry u went thru all of that. yes, 2020-2021 were not good yrs 4 any1 @ all. but i pray that 2022 onward will b decent enough.

by adrien;)♡; ; Report

me too, i'm actually hopeful for this year for once

by xXtoon.kidXx; ; Report

my 2022 already went to shit because of my mom calling the cops on my dad because I would not come and live with her because she does drugs

by LISA black pink; ; Report

Same here LISA black pink. I knew 2022 is going to be the next 2020 2.

by UnknownWorld; ; Report

c00kie !!

c00kie !!'s profile picture

sending good vibes to u this yr!! i rlly empathize with ur experiences bcuz i def felt the same way in 2020 and a good part of 2021. things are alot better now tho which im gr8tful 4 :)) hope it will be the same for u and you make better friends!!

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thank u sm 4 ur comment!! i also hope ur 2022 goes well, and that u meet ur goals 4 this yr.

by adrien;)♡; ; Report


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Happy new year! I'm so sorry 2021 was so difficult and isolating for you I also had a rough 2021 so I understand. I'm happy that you've resolved to have a better 2022 and i'm wishing you all the best for this new year. I believe in you!! GO!✺◟( ⑅❛ั ᴗ ❛ั ⑅)◞✺GO!

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thank u sm 4 ur comment!! yes, 2021 was a crappy yr not just 4 me, but 4 every1 else, so i understand.

i wish u the best in life and i hope ur 2022 goes well 2. thanks again 4 the comment!!

by adrien;)♡; ; Report

2021 was the worst year of my life I lost all of my grandpas exept one and I felt horrible because of the way I treated them

by LISA black pink; ; Report

i'm rlly srry that happened 2 u. i lost my dogs within months apart from 1 another, so i understand how that feels, losing a member of ur own family. but i hope things in ur life get better.

by adrien;)♡; ; Report

you too

by LISA black pink; ; Report

Shadow Bliss

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So and I joined the site within days of each other?!

Yeah 2021 wasn't great for anyone. I got a job and spent the year studying. Even if you were to paint that stuff as "good things", I sacrificed so much to get there and I still am sacrificing to maintain both. My goal for 2022 is mostly to work my way so that I can have a job WITHOUT the need for sacrificing time with real life friends.

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wow!! i'm actually quite surprised we joined around the same time lmao!!

i agree btw. 2021 was a shitty yr 4 every1, not just me. i hope u do maintain ur goals and find ur inner peace and happiness. u got this.

by adrien;)♡; ; Report

Yeah, I joined on the 14th.

by Shadow Bliss; ; Report

that's awesome.

by adrien;)♡; ; Report

2021 was a good year for me. Better than 2022

by UnknownWorld; ; Report


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Happy New Year, Adrien! I hope things in your life turn out great. You inspire and intrigue so many people on here and I only wish the best for you. ★★★

My parents have been on the verge of divorce so I know how that feels! Stay strong, you can make it through. ★ Have a wonderful New Year!

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wow!! thank u sm liliana 4 ur lovely comment!! it rlly made my day.

also, i'm glad i'm not the only 1 who's parents r going thru a divorce, so thanks 4 letting me know that i'm not alone.

i also wish u a wonderful new yr!! hope it goes well 4 u!!

by adrien;)♡; ; Report