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Making acrylic splatters,

colorful and vivid.

Video footage
of a pretty, blonde girl
hugging a canvas to her chest.

Etches and scribbles
on the inside of your arm,

inherently provokes the off switch.

Curtains drawn.

No one has time for that shit.

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Love you, friend. Hey, just wanted to say that my wife sometimes calls me selfish and lazy even though I do all the cooking, cleaning, yard work, random chores, grocery shopping, home improvement. She only has to keep up with dishes & laundry, I do everything else. And I don't even smoke weed or make time for video games rarely. The caveat is she works full-time and I'm only part-time, which is why she sometimes thinks I'm selfish and lazy but whatever. The c-word is just a lazy way to say "you piss me off," so maybe he was just being lazy/cranky/tired?

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hrh eliott!

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Etches and scribbles
On the inside of your arm

I have ALL the time for this shit

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You certainly get me, that is for sure. :)

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