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I was fine

Jees I thought we were passed this I thought I could forget how they were that if I pretend it never happened or it was never said I never heard it. I was doing better and then my sisters problems got worse for her she frustrates me yes but I still listen to her I try to be there even when she pisses me off. She told our other sister and you know what she fucking does tells her shit "oh now it's this what happened to being depressed, it's not you can't you won't" and then she proceeded to go and tell are mom what she said she thought the door was closed and we could her them talking about her. Her school was going to help her she was trying to tell our sister that but then she had to say something befor she could finish. We talked that Night I told her fuck them and she had the help she wanted both from me and the school. The next day I was asleep next to my mom and I was awake but they thought I was asleep. She came to the room to talk to our mom and tell her what was going on and you know what she did. She started telling her stuff like "What's wrong know, you want to go with you dad, stay with your other siblings, I don't know what to do anymore, your counselor isn't going tell me anything different, " just on and on and what did I do I layed there a d just listened I wanted to say something but I couldn't open my eyes all I could do was listen to her lecture her about not knowing what to do. They talked and it's kinda settled and then today she was checking to see how my sister was and they both went to nap. Befor my mom went to sleep she tells me "thank you for not being a trouble child" WTF What is that supposed to mean "thank you for not coming to me with your problems" mhh she glad I never expressed my self. I'm kinda glad I never have probably never will know. My sister that's been going through this told me I don't deserve to be the only one who listens because I never show My emotions. I have someone I can vent to to get import from but I don't know if I should really talk to them about this stuff.

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