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It's been a Very Cold(tm) few days

After spending most of yesterday unfreezing my kitchen pipes, I'm happy to report that there were no ruptures. I also avoided the rolling blackouts and my econ professor pushed the exam back, so that's dope. I spent all of today catching up on the work I was supposed to do yesterday while feeling sleep deprived. *yawn*

I'm feeling like I've got more of a grip on the semester than I did a few weeks ago, but deep down I know that that could change at any moment. My dad starts chemo today (Thursday), and it's anyone's guess how it will go. I just have to keep my eyes on what I can control and go from there.

It's been kind of lonely lately; I don't have anyone I can really talk to in my daily life, so I just try to keep things to myself and not let it affect how I behave toward other people.

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