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ABT ME?!|| dni list, and more

name: zoe/roxy (roxy too because i kin her)

age: 3teen

things to keep in mind: I have adhd, autism and osdd (just wanted to get that out before someone asked)

dni if: toxic, homophobic, transphobic, racist, just stinky and rude and mean

interests: homestuck, mspa, emo, scene, scenecore, goth, punk, crunkcore, webcore, retrocore, neocites, geocites, retro web, webkinz, music, bsd, anime, kawaiicore, weirdcore, kidcore, cottagecore, theater, heathers, the breakfast club, project sekai, vocaloid, Japanese internet and pop culture, 80s movies, horror, musicals, and more!!

music: alex g, slipknot, mommy long legs, cavetown, car seat head rest, tally hall, vocaloid, wheezer, system of a down, toby fox, lemon demon, my little pony, ayesha erocita, millionaires, case icon, mitski, and more

i do kin characters but if you want to learn more about me because im not going into full depth visit my strawpage:

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