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why psas are not helping

If you don't know what a PSA stands for it it stands for public service announcement. PSAs are meant to serve a purpose on telling people what to not do and what to do when there's an emergency or just certain topics. Modern PSAS are not helping people. People are putting too much effort into making it look cool and making it to look enticing. Some of these ads have no personal stories or emotional stories that MAKE you want to quit vaping or smoking. Half of these PSAS are directed towards teenagers. So how were they going to go about making PSAS for teenagers? ''HEY GUYS LETS MAKE THESE PSAS SEEM SO COOL THAT PEOPLE WANT TO QUIT!" This is what I imagine people saying. Of course, people wouldn't actually say this when making psas. (I hope.) If you remember the PSA with the guy saying: "THATS METAL" you can recall how cool it looked? I mean, they had a full ass metal monster in that PSA that looked really cool. Here is a video that I think covers vaping PSAS and PSAS quite well: 

This blog entry of course is not going to find anyone that works on PSAS. I don't think people that work on PSAS would be on spacehey. But, hey! Here I am ready to yap about how much PSAS nowadays DO NOT get the message through correctly. 

PSAS today are like those TikTok shop ads telling people: "GUYS YOU SHOULDN'T BUY THIS POU STUFFY IT'S AS CHEAP AS A PACK OF GUM" this makes me want to buy that pou stuffy. I DON'T HAVE THE FUCKING SELF CONTROL AND MY ADHD AND AUTISM IS SCREAMING FOR ME TO BUY THAT STUFFY. But yeah that's a really bad example. If I was a teenager I would not listen to these PSAS because I'm just so sick of them. and I think everyone is... Cmon, you know you hate those the real cost PSAS. We all do. YOU WISH NEVER EVER MET HER ALLL (sorry I was listening to maneater I'm keeping this anyway fuck it let me be a little silly) SHES A MANEATERRRR A MANEATERRRR

Sometimes I think of PSAS as music that I really hate. You remember the shit we used to dance to??? Yeah. PSAS are a pain in the ass like that. It makes you want to fucking scream and cry.

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