cold hands (city boys)

im in a place so far from home so ill write you a letter ill pretend ive never seen before when i wake up in a bed thats mine and still feels like someone elses. gospel of a hotel bible, empty like a promise. i cant tell what i want but its not this and its never this. make it easy, take it easy, take a trip. pulses on our fingertips and hearts in our throats, words stuck between tongues and teeth. sour kisses on cold blue raspberry lips. i understand the most when i taste your spit. unlearn the bad habits or hold them to your chest. count them like stars or freckles or mistakes. 10 hours and i couldnt spend one trying to make this right. all i do is make bets on longshots and second chances that wont come and the 3% possibility of rain. i hate these words and the way they fall stuttering from my mouth. it doesnt mean anything. maybe it does. i can never tell anymore.

for the record, this isnt a love song.

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