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Kick Rocks

     Everyday I pray that old, decrepit loser in office dies a slow and painful death, I hold that hatred only for him, Netanyahu, and the IDF. Shame on them for seeing Palestinians similar to animals, shame on the governments who approved this shit. And more shame for turning a blind eye to Sudan, Congo, Yemen, Uyghurs, and many other marginalized communities. So fucking happy and ecstatic that I get to vote BOTH those idiots out of office, imbeciles in tight leather suits. THEY CAN GO TO HELL!!! So, I say this to say, Americans CAN do something by voting and electing good politicians who ACTUALLY make a difference for this…country. The point is to be aware, at least keep up with the news. Do as much as you can!! Free ALL marginalized communities from the oppression of White Supremacists!!!

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