summertime, cherry sweet

90 degrees, broken acs. i think it all started with a feeling in my gut that i told myself was motion sickness but i know better than that and you do too. i can taste the bitterness on your tongue, in the way that too hot feels cold, and i wish i never tasted it at all even though its the only thing in the world i want and i drink it down like ill die without it. in lulls of conversation i wonder if you can feel my heart melting in my chest and if you pressed your ear to my throat could you hear the words i swallowed after they died on my tongue. i dont know what to do when im in love with you in all the wrong ways, in all the ways youre not in love with me, in all the ways that dont matter. i wonder if you know, when you look at me. it feels like you do sometimes, but the best secrets are left unspoken. my word is the closest to gods that youre ever gonna get.

xo, trick or treat.

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