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The (half) Offline Experiment

Welcome, dear reader! The past few days I have been doing setup. Lots of setup, in fact, for something important to me. See, I am addicted to the internet. Very, in fact, to the point it actively harms my well being. So, at some point you have to ask yourself eventually, "Where do I go from here?" When dealing with any real addiction.

So: As spring comes into full force, so do life changes happen. Or, as I consider them, experiments. I, dear reader, am just a lab rat after all, so whos to say I cant experiment on myself? So, I have been setting up. Mainly, setting up a collection of music, and 2 of my video game consoles. To eventually, go mostly offline.

I say "mostly" because there are exceptions. Exceptions I have given myself, in fact. I can google search some things on my laptop at home for actual research purposes, continue to run this blog, obviously use paypal and check my bank, and finally use things like Ebay every once in a while. But, dear reader, that means: no active social media I constantly am glued to, nothing like youtube, no mindless scrolling, no access to google every like 2 seconds, no just downloading things to in fact never use them, no constant dopamine hits.

Im honestly a little nervous, but excited. I have tried to do things like this before, but the difference is this is more of a public thing. I am telling you, dear reader, because I not ask a question but have a request: hold me to it. Ill be writing more casual blogs in the future, mainly to stave off boredom, and if I talk about doing things online a lot, remind me of what im trying to do.

And, dear reader, if it ends up really affecting me mentally,
at least itll be entertaining

-Rachel Rose

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