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Wishes. (001)

I wish I could tell people to shut up or stop talking, but kindly.

I love my family and stuff but sometimes I need them to just. shut up. 

And it's not like I hate them or anything just that if I listen to another word my brain will fucking explode andi will die.

that remidnes me. of a time where i really wanted to tell someone to politely fuck off.

The other day an old lady I spoke to a total of 0.5 times in my life told me "woa you're fat" and like, in the kindest way possible because I don't know her well, bitch it's not my fault your conception of what is and isn't overweight is severely outdated.

For context I am like....5"2 ? (bare w me idk what it is in feet/inches) and i weigh likeee....160lbs. Make of that what you will, but I don't consider myself that fat 'cos like I used to weigh almost 200lbs.

But still, you shouldn't tell a stranger that T-T even if you think you know me well and even if you mean well I can't just fuckin' change my appearance in 5 minutes to not feel like shit around you.

Also, I wish I had some capes it'd be so friccin' cool. Like some for casual daily wear and some for special occasions. Just. capes. idk. They look cool.

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