I've been pretty not-busy for the past week or so. Ill get to that later though. I had a dream just now. I was at my grandmothers house, in attic or something like that. There were mainly little kids there, but a couple big kids. The little kids wore plastic bags over their heads. My brother was there. And some guys that i knew in the dream. We all sat in a attic room; infront of us, a book pedestal & desk. Somewhere for someone to keep stuff, but also preach. It was an old woman, very mormon acting, speaking. It was my grandmother i think, but not the one who owned the house we were in-- my other grandmother. Nevertheless, we escaped. The kids ran throughout the house, their bags torn of their heads as they tried to find an exit. The old women cult leaders trying to round them up. My friend smiled at me, and i hoped that they would escape unharmed. Eventually i ended back up at the attic room, circling the desk while the woman who looked like my grandmother tried to convince me to stop. I opened the drawers, grabbed something vital to my escape, then grabbed a razor blade and swiped at her when she got too close. I then ran away, towards the direction of the garage.

Got there in the nick of time too, since in the van-- all my friends were in there, in the smaller car, my brother. They were both closing the doors and turning on the engines. I was tempted to go into the car with my friends, but ultimately decided to join my brother. I yelled out his name, but knew he wouldn't wait for me. I was more awake at this point, and more in-control of my dream-- so i flew into the passengers side right as he was closing the door. And that was it i guess.

Anywho, like i said ive been pretty lazy as of recent. Ive started binge watching a show i found randomly while looking for something to watch. It looked like a extremely cliche, cringey cable show for horse girl tweens. But turns out its pretty okay, despite all of that. So much happens in each episode that i get lost trying to recall it all. And the romance twists genuinely catch me off guard at times. The main characters dad has gotten shot, a car-crash has happened, a barn has been arsoned, a horse has been stolen, cattle have been stolen, characters have been paid off, kicked out, gotten together and broken up. Its crazy for a show thats supposedly in the country. 

Other than that, ive honestly got nothing much going on. Its spring now, everything feels good. My hand is bruised and my parents are gone. Gonna go lay on the hardwood back-porch. Logging off.

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