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A Day Out (or, a normal post)

Hey! Rachel Rose here, youre favorite strange gremlin on the internet. I went on a day out today, after all, a gal cant spend 24/7 in her room playing video games, drawing, and writing (more like 90% of the time at least lol)

anyways, me and my dad went thrift shopping! Aka like, the absolute coolest hobby ever. Well, we also went through the flea markets. Trust me, a trans gal wearing a giant flowy coat when its like 70 degrees out attracts a lot of stares at a flea market lol. Anyways, I got a cassete player for like 15 bucks, because the only 2 I have arent exactly great. I have this Sony radio/cassette player thats actually pretty good, just a bit warbly. I mean cassettes are in general, but you get what I mean. Anyways it was a portable one so I could finally listen to my cassettes while walking again! (doesnt help with the stare problem, lol)

Anyways, speaking of cassettes, I found a bunch of good ones today! Mainly, a tiffany album. Tiffany is so great, I love that era of pop music. Also bon jovi, new kids on the block, stuff like that lol. Great pickups considering all I can ususally find is "best of elvis" or "christmas classics volume 367" :p

We went out to eat and then stopped by the liquor store, totally for my dad. I would not approve of drinking under the legal age in your state or country. On an unrelated note I got definetly non alcoholic cherry shnapps. It was fun to just get outside, talk to my dad, and just in general get some time out of the house.

But; dear reader: the story is not over. I got home, only to realise the cassette player simply wont work. I try new batteries, and it simply just refuses to work. Turns out the batteries were COMPLETELY corroded and were just taken out and cleaned. Because after opening this thing up, turns out they corroded so much the acid managed to destroy the wire to connect the batteries, so I guess I got a 15 dollar paperweight. bleh.

May your thrift finds be better, lol

-Rachel Rose

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Ugh girl you always have to test electronics in the thrift store! My dad uses cds from the cd section to test the cd players, and you could do the same with anything else.
I went to the thrift last saturday, mainly looking for basics like white tshirts bc i was lacking those. i found them for like 1 dollar a piece lol. there were also other long sleeves and shirts of different colors.
we went to another thrift after that and i saw 2 pairs of air force ones in pretty good condition (passed bc they were 40, instore is 110 and i don't really want them) and a louis vuitton bag (my dad suspected it was fake because the hardware was really rusted, the leather was firm and felt quality. it was 4.99, still wanted to buy it but he didn't allow me )
In general it's really hit or miss with the thrift store. The best tip? Look through EVERYTHING! find an aisle of things you like and look at every single item. if you skip through anything, you're gonna miss something good! and with technology always test!

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