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snippet of writing for my ocs which i will probably never finish

This is about my two ocs which I haven't really made any finished art of yet and will probably never finish writing about but yeah. 

'Eat Me Romantically, Strip me of my clothing and flesh.

Sink your teeth into my skin and leave me nothing left.'

  In a sickeningly sticky-sweet forest, made up of dull hues of orange and pink, was a completely normal human boy wandering around- Searching around, actually. He wasn't doing any muddling around, he was busy looking for something- or rather someone he had lost.

Were human ears always that long and furry? Did humans have tails...I can't seem to recall. Anyway, he was wandering around the candy forest and that was that.

'Sweet—heart! Sweetheart, where are you? Sweetie!' he repeatedly called out, cautiously looking around. 

  The aforementioned 'Sweetie' was hiding behind a tree, trying to figure out how to use her newly stolen- I mean, acquired shotgun. It was simply borrowed. Without permission. No stealing whatsoever.

The forest was- though in a sickening way- sweetIt was sugary, a diabetic's dream. Or nightmare. Both are terrifying, anyway. 

On the other hand, she was not so sweet. Almost nothing was sweet about her. Not anymore.

Besides the worn out and half-ripped pink frilly dress she wore and the cute pink pins stuck onto her messy hair, she wasn't in any way sweet. Only sour and angry. A ball of hope and rage, the only thing stopping her from yelling out into the godforsaken world was the fact that she had to hide. From what? Just keep reading.

On her face- other than the glittery substance meant to be blood- was a bitter expression. Not bitter in a bad way whatsoever, but she had had enough of being a cotton candy princess. She had enough of silly little tea parties and play pretend. She had had enough of serving nothing but sugar, all that's left was the sugar tray. And though broken, it was sharp glass. And, little children, remember this well, sharp glass cuts.

  'I wish that rabbit would just die...' she muttered to herself, struggling with the gun. A rustling in the bushes made her jump slightly.

She was about to cover her mouth to prevent a gasp from being heard, but it seems that someone else had beat her to it. 

Startled, she attempted to use the gun, only to find that it shot nothing but gumdrops. She should've known by now that stealing a gun from a house full of items made of candy would result in her stealing something made of candy. Of course she should've known, but didn't. She wasn't supposed to know it, anyway. The cartoonish torment of this confusing place would never end, would it?

'Oh, boo. No fun.' the rabbit- err I mean human boy mockingly pouted. He let out a little giggle, grinning in satisfaction of having found his beloved sweetheart, then let her go, though still staying closely behind her.

'Why'd you shoot at me, Sweetheart? How cruel.' again, he spoke with that mocking pout, before again smiling from ear to ear as he hugged them tightly.

This made her cringe back, though she didn't fight it, only sighing. 

To this, he let out another giggle, patting her head, ruffling her already-messy hair.

'Oh, Sweetheart, don't-' he attempted to say before being interrupted.

'...How long are we going to be here?' she snapped, unamused by his behaviours.

She sighed, trying to keep her cool. She didn't want to say or do anything too hastily.

'You always say we'll be "home" but this...this place is not my home. Nothing makes sense! In one moment I'm here, the next I'm somewhere else. Everything changes too quickly for me to react and I...I just need to know. Is this a dream? Will I wake up? How long are we going to be here?" she asked, trying to sound as calm as possible, though on the verge of tears. Being emotional would do nothing.


  As much as she wanted to kill him, getting mad at him would do no good.

You play with the rules now, then think up a solution later. That was her plan.

There seemed to be a sort of look in his eye, as if narrowing them at her in some sort of doubt or suspicion. Was he catching on, who knows? Still, he only shrugged.

'Well, forever!' he simply replied with that smile of his, nuzzling his head against her, still having no intention of letting go of that hug.

  She didn't know what to make of that answer. Her mind was flooded with all sorts of questions. She was flabbergasted. In all honesty, she had expected that answer- but still, why? And most importantly, why her and why now out of all times? 

And so, she laughed. She laughed and laughed at the absurdity of it all. At this point, why not, what was there to lose? She didn't exactly lose her hope, she held onto it, but she hid it. She saved it fot the right moment. Okay, okay, just for now. Just for now she'll play along. And when she's done, the rabbit will die.

'...That sounds great.' she smiled back, placing a small kiss atop the crown of his head. This...was her life now. 

But only for now.

OKAY done i am not writing anymore today i almost spelled hanswer and bobbit like twice now i cannor think 'nymore i am sleepy need sleep GOODNIGHT.

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