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Pathos and Logos (Introduction)

every side has 2 coins, a glass is always part empty and part full. We ourselves are but two, in turn

Ethos (Rachel Rose)

Welcome, dear reader: the storm of ideas have been brewing in my brain, and subsequently in my little corner of the internet, but it seems to be missing something. Sure, there are many thoughts. There are many discussions. Even, many interesting conclusions. Might I ask, dear reader, what that may be? I guess I should let them introduce themselves. I am just the vessel after all, the real stars of the show have yet to take the stage after all.

Logos (Rachel Rosethorn)

Quite good to see you again, dear reader. We have been introduced, havent we? If not, well I hope you enjoy your stay in my mind, make yourself at home. I ponder a lot, I guess the point of my existence is to simply do so. To think, and to make sure that the vessel doesnt get hurt. That, my dear reader, is a job Im not quite good at, sadly. I have the ability to think deeply, but when it comes to short, split moment decisions, I just stop. Sputter and spurt.

 See, for a mind Im not exactly the most functional, But, cest la vie, things could be worse. But, to keep her thinking, to keep her on her toes, now that, dear reader, I am good at. But, alas, I guess from now on I will be sharing the stage with my.. Excitable co-hostess from now on. But you may have already met her too, havent you? So I guess for now, au revoir, dear reader, and I shall see you next time

Pathos (Rachel May)

Welcome one, welcome all to the next, newest, brightest, most brilliant display, Rachel May! The ray that shows you the way in this grand play. Im what you would call the emotional side, the one that loves and does, that brights the lights and tries to do whats right. Morality is my specialty, and I will always try to do my best in totality.

Bleh, enough with the theatrics, thats Rosethorns thing. I, dear reader, am just a humble gal that always tries her best. I want to show you the world through my own eyes, the beauty in everything, the light at the end of every tunnel. Because, dear reader, might I ask: What would be the point of exploring thought and the dark if sometimes, you dont take a moment to step back and smell the flowers? All I would like to do, dear reader, is show you my life, and the beauty of the little things. To maybe even, dear reader, help you see the little things yourself.

And with that, dear reader

We all bid you adeiu!

till next time,


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