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Queer Solidarity & Human Kindness

We went to a local flea market. There was a charity food truck there. When I went to buy something for us to eat I realized that I couldn’t find my credit card in my things. The guy serving us said we could go ahead and take the food & go to an ATM & then come back. He said that “us sisters have to stick together,” and we realized that he was gay. I assume he clocked me because my sunglasses had the trans pride colors on them. When I was still rummaging through my stuff nearby he came over with Wren’s food and said that it was no problem that we couldn’t pay. He again said that us sisters have to stick together. I was stunned. I felt guilty but happy too. There’s so much evil in this world of our’s but sometimes something will happen that reminds you that humans are inherently good and kind. I am always moved by acts of kindness like this one and by the solidarity between queer people. 

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