Weird dream I had about spacehey

Well if I'm being honest it was more of a nightmare! So basically it was me using spacehey, and i was like messaging people and all of a sudden i get spammed the same message form literally like every friend with the same message. I dont remember what it was but it freaked me out so i closed it out. I started asking friends about what was up, and they didn't know so I went back to check.

THE WEBSITE WAS LIKE COMPLETELY TAKEN OVER BY LIKE GORE AND OTHER DISTRESSING STUFF. Like everywhere there were shock images inserted at random, like a bunch of different people had found a way to inject them into the sight. I think hat worried me the most was the fear if llike any accounts had been breached. That would suck!! Escpecially cuz it was reminding me of that time my discord got hacked....

anyways that was the end of that part of the dream, but there was another part that was pretty interesting. I was at some sort of gathering, that was a mix of family, friends and random people. I found my grandpa there! even though he's dead... But everyone like knew he was supposed to be dead, and knew he must've been like "summoned" from the dead? There was like an unspoken rule though that we couldn't acknowledge he was dead or else he would like, well be dead again and i almost fucked that up! Also i ended up dropping food on him and felt really bad (i don't like he was too mad, just maybe a little miffed)

Anyways yeah dreams are wild huh

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