Extensive ABOUT ME (Everything you should know!)


I am a physically and mentally disabled adult. Please be mindful of the fact that I struggle with fatigue and memory issues often. I do my best to combat these things but sometimes I lose the battle.

By extension: using 7 instead of ' is NOT an intentional typing quirk of mine. I have a bilingual (JP + ENG) keyboard and they're both on the same key so it's just a mistake I make frequently.Β 


  • Nazi's and other types of hateful bigots. I don't have the patience to list them all but it takes a fair bit for me to draw the line anyway so this doesn't feel important enough to me to justify going into depth.
  • MAP's + Zoo'sΒ 
  • Minors trying to date adults... Please seek help...

  • Not really a DNI but if you have any level of photo sensitivity I recommend opening my page with caution. I tried to add a warning but it didn't really work sadly so this warning is all I can do for now.Β 

    About me:Β 

    Name: Shin Tsukimi but you can just call me Shin!

    Age: 24

    Pronouns: He/They

    Gender: Genderfluid/Demiboy/Femboy chaos thing :)

    Sexuality: BisexualΒ 

    Western zodiac: Taurus

    Chinese zodiac: Rabbit


    Enneagram: Type 4

    Political leaning: LeftistΒ 


    I keep rewriting this because tbh I'm not sure what to list as what lol I'm pretty terminally online in terms of my fashion and music taste. "Scenemo Y2K alternative harajuku" can describe the bulk of what I like though. I guess looking at all the stuff on my profile is a decent visual indicator of my interests and probably more effective than listing every subculture I can think of.Β 

    Green Electricity Lightning SIGNATURE:-π•ͺ𝕒 π•“π• π•š π•žπ•£.π•«π•¦π•”π•”π•™π•šπ•Ÿπ•š

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