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🌈 Holi 🌈

So I did a brave thing for someone with anxiety; I went to a holi party of sorts with my girlfriend Wren that a local gay guy was hosting. I was anxious and I was expecting it to be mostly older gay men there but there was a couple guys younger than me there also and one that was maybe an older millennial. He had just gotten a Bulbasaur tattoo that looked awesome. He had a Spirited Away one too. Later in the night some older women showed up which was nice as I’m more comfortable around other women & femme aligned folks. A lot of people got high including Wren but I knew I had to drive home later so I declined. Also if I had a bad high I didn’t want it to be around folks that I’d just met. The food was good and I liked hearing our host talk about living overseas and other experiences he had when he was younger. He has this huge house with the coolest decor so that was cool to see. Other than my godmother I don’t have any older queer folks in my life to talk to about what their lives were like back then or anything like that. So much of queer history has been erased and they’re still trying to erase us and evidence of our existence. Moments like this are important.Β 

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