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Hello. Guess who's back, back again
Moth is actually, they uploaded a new blog and I've been watching noah time and it's motivating to bring my blogs as well. 

i know these blogs do actually help me but i procrastinated them cause i tend to overthink in them

its one of those things where you know it's good for you and it's going to help you get your daily thinking together but it....

for what reason? 

i dunno.

the goal is to get to 100 blogs. that's the new goal! as long as i keep living itll be easy, cause the blogs write themselves

100 blogs and then we do an eye reveal

also i really need the blogs for ME rn. i need to lock in!!!!!!!!!! 

ALRIGHT LETS GO OVER THE GOALS. These will officially start TOMORROW!

- Physical Activity: Self explanatory! 

- Schoolwork: This one needs to be prioritized, i will probably mainly focus on this one until summer! the others are on the back burner!

- Art: May be put back a bit, or the doodles will be fairly small, but i know doing these puts me in a good mood and a better state of mind.

- Organization: back when i made sure i cleaned 1 thing a day, even if it was a cup or something, my room was a lot more organized! I need that! 

- Socialization/Communication: I will start counting online communication as socialization as well, because i actually have a really big problem with responding to people. A lot of the time people cannot reach me, so i will check my inboxes for every app ever. 

Also i am relatively social already, but you’ll get to see what i was up to! Usually ill get swept up in something during the day.


- Hydration!: ive been incredibly on and off with my hydration game, but i havent been drinking coffee as much! I still rely on it though

- Healthy eating habits: ack! Self explanatory!

- Learning something new! Ill be relying more on information given to me by friends for this part i think, so you guys better get your info-dumping muscles ready lolol

But i also go to school and watch a lot of videos, i just wanna make sure im keeping my brain fresh yknow? Not constantly recycling my knowledge.

Also ill include whatever music i listened to that day, or whatever manga i read that day, as usual. Cause to be honest i listen to too much music and i read too much random comics. Theyre more addicting than tiktok. I love reading comics so much, my screen time for those is worse than any social media platform with an addictive algorithm. 

Doesnt mean i should go on those platforms either tho. Need to spend more of those hours sleeping, going on walks, and drawing.

Ill also include what ive been thinking as well, because i believe people spend a lot of their day thinking about something different than the thing that they spent most of their time doing. 

Oh also might have to remind myself things as well. My memory has been AWFUL lately, like it has actually gotten a LOT worse so suddenly??? I already wasnt the greatest at remembering things but now im like an actual fish. I need to maybe to brain exercises that help with memory, i used to be addicted to games like sudoku and i guess that helped. I can get the app again and do those instead of romance manga reading or tiktok doomscrolling…

Like already i can remind myself this: order a new backpack. Your current one is actually going through it right now, get something that is stronger and also comfortable, good for your back muscles. 

I think ive been telling myself to get a new backpack for like 3 weeks now. I think it’s cause i have to go looking for it and im lazy…….also using my money feels like taking damage recently. 

And this is for me, yknow? I need to write down my thoughts and set daily goals, it’s hard to keep up with goals without actually looking at a list and going: did i do this today?

Anyways that’s all now! Buh bye, see you tomorrow!

this is what it's like to be me. no wonder my memory is shit!

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Huh??? When did this happen???? I'm hype let's goooooo! I can't break my streak, your goal may be 100 blogs, mine is to comment on every single ISCARIOT blog and bulletin

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Forgot to say, Noah time is so good, that's what I need in my life, self help is so right wing and misogynistic, like they'll give some good advice and then it all takes a turn for the worst, like "read every day and then hate on women for a solid hour!"

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