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Things New SpaceHey Users Should Know (and users in general)

Ive noticed a lot of users falling into things that they shouldnt be put out to when they join the site, or just things that ruin their experience, so Ive made a list of things that could help them! If you think anything is wrong or anything that is important is not added to this list, feel free to let me know in the comments and Ill see if I can add/remove it.

How to find more active users or new friends [with links]:

  • once you have people in your friends list, make sure to post bulletins + comment on your friends' bulletins too!

Table of contents:

1. Red Flags in Friend Requests

2. Important Tips

3. Miscellaneous + Silly Tips


  • If they have few/no added friends and nothing in their about me or interests section. Most times, they're usually harmless, but at times you feel an account is ONLY friend requesting or targeting you, it is probably better to ignore the request. There are spy accounts on this platform that target specific people, especially if you have blocked someone or reported someone. Be wary.
  • If they have specific people they tend to friend that strikes you weird. one notorious example is accounts who only friend femme-presenting scene and emo kids. another example is people who only tend to friend minors and they are an adult. if a profile is giving you weird vibes and you notice a pattern in the people they tend to add and you fit that pattern, maybe it's best to not accept.

*a case of this [thank you to Kathrine for the information on this] stay away from girl collectors. There are male people on this site who ONLY tend to friend femme appearing people. If you get friend requested by someone who doesn't seem to interact other than having only femme people in their friends, maybe its best to block and move on without accepting.

  • If they have an offputting layout or profile picture. If there is something that sticks out in a profile or something that scares you in a profile, you don't need to accept the request. Sometimes it’s better to just decline and move on if they make you uncomfortable.

  • If there is contradictory information in their bio. If they say in one place that they are >insert years< old and in another place on their bio it states something else for example, that may be a red flag that you are dealing with someone who is not being truthful. Though sometimes this is harmless, at times there could be people faking aspects of themselves to gain access to communities in which they truthfully wouldn't be welcome.

  • If they just have a weird overall vibe. If you feel a profile is overdone or is trying to be something it isn't, trust your gut. There have been many instances on this site where gut reaction was true and profiles have been outed to have terrible people behind them. If someone's page is giving you bad vibes, just don't accept the request.

  • If they have a username like "Cute kittens! :3" or "Cute >insert animal<".THANK YOU SO MUCH TO SULKINGFUNGI FOR THIS TIP !!! MOST OF THESE ACCOUNTS ARE VERY MALICIOUS AND HAVE VERY NOT SAFE FOR LIFE IMAGES IN THEM. To block them without opening the profile, right click on their profile and copy their link. Even if they have a custom URL, you can grab their user ID with right clicking. Then, copy the numbers you get from the custom URL and paste it into this link:https://spacehey.com/block?id=(paste numbers here + remove parenthases)


  • If the blog has a very hateful title or hate symbols in it. Most blogs like this are ragebait. Commenting on them will only make it move higher on the popular blogs section. People like this just want attention. It has also come to my attention that the people making these blogs also have not safe for life content in their profiles most of the time, so follow the instructions in the previous tip to block them without having to see their profile.

  • If the blog has a title like "cute kittens here!" etc. Basically same warning as the profile warning. These blogs USUALLY have very not safe for life, graphic images in them. (THANK YOU TO SULKINGFUNGI FOR THIS + THE PREVIOUS TIP !!!)

  • If the blog has more comments than kudos. Most of the time, if people like a blog, they will instead add kudos to it rather than comment. It's just sort of how most SpaceHeyers react to blogs they like. Though this is NOT the case for all blogs, I have noticed that most of the time when there are more comments, there is usually something either controversial in the blog or just something that people are upset with. Again, not the case w all blogs, just a thing ive noticed.

  • If the blog is being mass posted or spam posted. Most of the time, this is made also by malicious users who want to 1, take down spacehey servers, and 2, shock the people who come across the many blogs they post.

Important tips:

1. You dont have to accept every friend request that you receive

If there is someone who seems off to you, you dont have to accept their request. Theres no set rule and you need to enforce your own boundaries of who you are willing to interact with and who is going to see your posts.

2. Your friend count isnt important; its the people who you surround yourself with onsite.

I know a lot of people (including me) are worried about their friend count. However, this is not the reason of why spacehey was made!!! If you see someone unfriends you, blocks you, or just doesnt accept a friend rq, try to accept that! Its not the end of the world, as there are many other people onsite who may like you :) just because others have a larger friend count than you doesnt mean that theyre more popular. Spacehey isnt a popularity contest. It's just to find people who have similar interests (or not similar interests that inspire you to look into something new).

3. Keep an eye out for people that can potentially harm you.

Spacehey is not the safest site. There is no IP banning, nor is there any way to identify who someone is, except for their email. Fake emails can be created though, which is an issue. Also, there have been times where innocent users have been IP leaked by malicious users. A large portion of this site is made up of minors, so this place is not free from creeps who want to do weird stuff either. Some people onsite are groomers or just icky people who want to find easy prey. If anyone is being weird or creepy to you, block and report them with screenshots.

While on the topic of this, try not to include mental disorders of yours openly in your profile, as there will be weirdos who will try and take advantage of them, especially if you are hypersexual or depressed. (thank you to Vixen for drawing attention to this.)

4. Tying into this, there is nothing wrong with unadding or blocking someone.

Sometimes, if someone you interact with someone for a prolonged time and notice that they are not someone you want to be around or if theyre making you feel bad, there is nothing wrong with unadding them respectfully.

**Every now and then, it is good to go through your friends list and go through the profiles of people you have friended. Sometimes, people can change and for the worst, and looking at their profile and unadding them before problems arise can be very useful in avoiding big conflicts in the future.

5. Try not to be negative or vent frequently.

This is a major issue that Ive fallen into as well. On this site, people tend to want to be around positive people. If the majority of your posts are going to be vents, people may be pushed away. Not everyone knows how to respond to a vent. Instead of making a public blog or bulletin, write it down on your notes app or on paper if you have that option. If not, then there is always the option to make a private blog post that only you can see. If you need help from someone, you can always respectfully ask someone if you can vent in their IMs as well. If they aren't comfortable with it, try and express your feelings somewhere else.

(i know its tough, but we need to remember that not everyone is comfortable with it.)

6. Try not to discuss touchy subjects such as politics, religion, mental disorders, etc.

This is a largely left-leaning site from what Ive noticed. I try and steer clear of talking about politics and religion as it will tend to incite arguments between users. If you just would like criticism and a polite debate, then maybe clarify that in the title of your post. Other than that, refrain from discussing controversial and current world issues, as it will most definitely cause people to be pushed away from you.

7. People joining for participation in subcultures: Ignore the haters. If you get called a poser, dont worry.

This happened to me and other users when we first joined. Hopefully, it isnt too common nowadays, but just in case if it still is an issue:

If you are in a subculture such as scene, emo, etc. that plays a prominent part in keeping this site alive, there will be gatekeepers and people who want to bring you down. Ive been called a poser multiple time. Does that affect how I view myself in scemo culture? No! It affected me a lot in the beginning, but other users helped me realise that theres just always going to be meanies out there.

More than likely, there will be more people who want to be your friend because you have a similar music taste or style. Just because a few people call you a poser shouldnt affect your mentality on who you are. Ignore them and continue to be yourself :)

8. If you are not using a computer and there are raids on the site, just go offline or use the bulletins tab only.

Sadly this is now a common thing on spacehey, and many new users may be confused as to why this is happening. There are many popular blogs explaining the gore and nsfw raids, so I will not be discussing them here. Because there is no way to hide new users on mobile and iPad, just use the bulletins tab at the top of the page if you want to continue interacting.

If you are on laptop and want the stylus code for hiding new users, please look at this blog as it explains everything really well: thank you to decispark!

9. Get offline every once in a while! It’seasy to get addicted to this site lmao

Nobody likes chronically online people, especially people irl that surround you. Though things on spacehey may seem more interesting, make time for the people who are around you irl as well. Its very unhealthy to only be online constantly.

10. Try not to get involved with any drama online and refrain from call out blogs unless it is something genuinely serious.

Drama is unavoidable on this site, as it was on MySpace based on what other users have said. There is going to be drama, and it is very easy to get sucked into it and not find a way out. Evidence is easy to manipulate nowadays and to be taken out of context. sometimes innocent people who interact with bad users can fall victim to being called out falsely. refrain from interacting with spacehey drama. If you want, look at it and move on, but dont jump on a bandwagon.

11. Do not discuss heavily personal topics that could put you at risk.

There are malicious users on this site as on almost every internet site. It is unavoidable. They want your information or maybe to find out who you are. Especially if you are a minor, do not disclose your true identity, address, phone number, or school publicly. This includes face reveals. If you do a face reveal, do not do it in a location where people will be able to trace back and find where you were. (Unless if its for a travel blog purpose where you are not at currently. I think that would be one of the few cases where it is plausible to include photos of where you are at since it is tourism.)

It is very and I mean very easy to find peoples personal information nowadays, and if it gets into the wrong hands, there will be dangerous consequences.

12. Interact casually with people; don’t get too attached to users. Many (not all) users prefer to interact via bulletins.

You are talking to people via a screen. They are also humans. However, not everything they put up about themselves may be true, so interact in a way where you do not put yourself at risk.

Joking around saying silly stuff, discussing interests, and just interacting in bulletins is okay!! You dont have to IM people constantly, as some people may be a little scared with interacting with people one on one. Make sure to read peoples profiles and byfs thoroughly before interacting so you know what to expect of them and what they are comfortable with.

You arent bound to be remember everyones specific things, so if you mess up, dont fret!!

Just keep in mind that by rule of thumb:

1. Interact respectfully with users no matter who they are.

2. If a message you send may be misinterpreted or perceived as a threat, use a tone tag to avoid an icky situation.

3. If a user isnt posting, isnt responding, or is offline, know that they have their own life as well offline.

Silly + Misc Tips

- Try and get into HTML coding ! When making a profile, make sure to comment or credit on the original layout you start out with. From there, you can try adding and changing things in the code to personalise your profile :) [thank you to Galentine for this tip!]

- Make a secret message box at https://secret.share-on.me/share and have your friends send silly secret messages to you every now and then !

- Make some blogs! Blog about your interests, because you will most definitely find people who like those same things you do, even if it's pretty obscure! [speaking from experience actually. do it! you wont regret it :) you may find people who you end up being friends with online for a long time]

- Check out https://blinkies.cafe/ and make some custom blinkies to share with your friends! Or, draw your own if you have any drawing/animating apps!

- Make a buddymeter quiz to share with your friends in bulletins to help them get to know you and see how much they know!

- Try adding layouts to your blogs! There's really cool ones in layouts section, and if you know some basic HTML, you can create your own personalized blog format!

If you've gotten to the bottom, congratulations! Please keep in mind that SpaceHey is to make friends and to have fun :) Hope you have a nice day!

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Kathrine 's profile picture

Also can we please talk about the amount of girl collectors there are !
A girl collector is a male user who just adds as many girls as possible.
U can tell this because their friends lists are just female accounts.

I’d really urge anyone to stay away from accounts like this because most of them have bad intentions.

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EXACTLY THIS !!! ^^^ this is what i was describing in one of the red flags but i didnt know they were called girl collectors. theyre rly creepy fr

by xeviant; ; Report

first thing i noticed on here. its gross how many of them have partners as well

by Catra; ; Report

omg yes finally someone speaks on this, they literally only add girls with their faces as their pfp usually and its so odd !!

by ♱ ℜ𝔦𝔫𝔞 ♡ 🇩🇴🇵🇭; ; Report

Isn't there a way to block them from your account?

by JXcXT; ; Report

^^ No way to block them as you don't know who is and isn't a girl/boy collector unless you check their account and see for urself. Maybe a DNI will help? Buy rlly there's no way to tell.

by Fritoleg; ; Report

S3LM4 !

S3LM4 !'s profile picture

To add as a tip to the silly section, I had an issue with Blinkies Café where my blinkies would just randomly change every few days??? I fixed it by uploading my blinkies to Giphy and using those links instead of the Blinkies Café links!! <33

Report Comment

Yes!! I had the same issue too, also when embedding a link from other pages as well. I recommend downloading the image you wish to use to your device, then uploading the file to the free image hosting service; imgbb, and use the link it gives you there instead. This also prevents pages like Neocities from getting too much traffic when hotlinking their files 2 your page. (Sorry if i didn't explain myself well) ^_^

by Sweetp0ny; ; Report

OMG TYSM!! Dw you explained very well! ^^

by S3LM4 !; ; Report

Jus for full clarity, this is purposefu! Keeps their storage low to reuse directory paths for new blinkies, and Im p sure it says on the blinkie generator page your blinkie will only last 24hrs or so

by Atticus Atlas; ; Report


Charlie&Wolfie's profile picture

how do I meet people on here? it's hard to tell which groups are active, and I've noticed a lot of groups and people that are weirdly gatekeepy/fakeclaimy

Report Comment

This is an important point I forgot so thanks for reminding me <3 most of the time, you’ll just have to initiate talking with others yourself. Go into the “browse” section and send a friend request to people you think seem cool! In groups and forums, the smaller groups may be a bit more gatekeepy, but the Rawring 20s revival group is fairly active if you’re interested in that :) for me, it took a couple months to get an active group of people who I interact with. Again, you have to put yourself out there and send friend requests and join groups. Hope this helped! ^_^

by xeviant; ; Report

thanks, that did help! I'll try that :3

by Charlie&Wolfie; ; Report


f1shbonzzz's profile picture

this is rly helpful ty ^^

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cutesweetnerd8's profile picture

KUDOZ, this is so helpful!!!

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~galaxy~'s profile picture

Thank you so much, I learned a lot I need to know!!

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Fluffbunny14's profile picture

when spacehey is so dangerous there is a whole dedicated survival guide

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Angel!'s profile picture

Aw hell naw theres a survival blog for new spacehey users LOOOOOOLLLLLLLL AINT NO WAAYYYY

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Cervidae's profile picture

i block accounts promoting their brands/music bc fuck u if u do that :3

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THIIIS! Especially when they try to blend in and be like, "oh, F Facebook, F every social media and music sharing platform, F big corporations... Anyway, here's my/our music." It's sooo scummy in my opinion...

by Spiral; ; Report

most of the time the music isnt even that good anyways

by Zero; ; Report


Eepyy's profile picture

this blog is really helpful!

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TCO's profile picture

My username is Silly Kitty... Should i change it? i don't want people thinking my profile is a gore acc...

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Maybe ;; if u rly like that username u can keep it but if u get reported or blocked by ppl it would be understandable as to why ppl would assume that :’)) personally I’d change it, but it’s up to you ^_^

by xeviant; ; Report

I really don't wanna know why silly kitty would be connected to a gore account unless I'm just too innocence

by JXcXT; ; Report


wano-san's profile picture

thank you for the tip im addicted to this site right now hehehehe

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User Maldito

User Maldito's profile picture

Como usuario nuevo, se agrade los consejos. Supongo que censurar insultos (por ejemplo, me di con la puta silla y me sangra el dedo) también sería inútil. Otra pregunta: ¿Qué son los kudos? ¿Por qué puedo dar 2? (me imagino que será algo como "Me gusta"/"Me encanta")

As a new user, I appreciate the advice. I guess censoring insults (e.g., I hit my fucking chair and my finger is bleeding) would also be useless. Another question: What are kudos, why can I give 2 (I imagine it will be something like "I like it"/"I love it")?


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si, no es necesario censurar nada :D [si está de acuerdo con los ToS, por supuesto.] Y sí, agregar kudos es una forma de hacer que los blogs sean más populares. si te gusta mucho pones 2 pero si solo crees que es ok, normalmente solo pone 1.

[my spanish isnt very good but hopefully you are able to understand it lol ^_^]

by xeviant; ; Report

Awww, you did it nice! Thanks for the explain :3

by User Maldito; ; Report


hxkyo's profile picture

I made this acc a year ago but never used it lol, I'm glad I came across this post since I didn't know many things about Heyspace 3: Thank you :D

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princess's profile picture

also make sure to go through any of ur friend's friends (if that makes sense)! make sure they dont have any malicious accs added (such as gore accs) and if they do i would recommend either 1. asking them abt it or 2. unadding them :))

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Sweet_d4nn's profile picture

Ohh muchas gracias ^^, soy nueva en este mundo apenas ayer me meti a esto y más o menos estoy entendiendo este sitio ♡

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Andrew's profile picture


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🍃 𝕄𝕀𝕐𝔸 🍃

🍃 𝕄𝕀𝕐𝔸 🍃's profile picture

WOW! es interesante saber esta información, muchas gracias!!! (∩^o^)⊃━☆

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polluted_bat's profile picture

hi im very new to this site and i dont encourage S/H but im wondering if its okay to put scars on things i draw and post it here,

Report Comment

im pretty sure its okay in art as long as its only for artistic purposes [im like 90% positive; ive seen others do it and no action is taken as long as its not too heavy.] HOWEVER, do include a trigger warning wherever you decide to post it. if in a blog or bulletin, put a warning in the title. i dont suggest putting it in profiles tho bc thats a quick ban.

by xeviant; ; Report


luiluu's profile picture

i went to the blinkie maker site and i want to put a blink in my porfile, how do i do that?

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save the blinkie to your camera roll and go to https://imgbb.com/ and upload the blinkie there. Once it uploads, go to where it says "viewer link" and open a dropdown menu and select "html full linked". then, you can copy the code and paste it into your profile :D

by xeviant; ; Report