Making Cookies

I've been trying to bake cookies but for some reason they don't taste that good.

Basic Butter Cookies.

I feel like they're either not sweet enough or too buttery(?)

idk. I might put them in chocolate to balance out the taste, but for some reason they don't taste that good.

I put in some cocoa powder and it made it taste like...sour for some reason?

idk how someone fucks up that badly when making cookies.

I might have used too much butter but i can't get a kitchen scale yet, and idfk how to split a 250g stick of butter into 5 even parts to measure it properly so I've been eyeballing it for a while now.

So it ended up making my cookies taste like...too much butter. They taste like sour and oily instead of sweet. 

And I think the flour measurements are off because they are super hard.

It's difficult to bite them. 

Maybe it's also the type of cocoa powder I'm using to flavour them but idk. 

I can't really taste the chocolate flavour in the cocoa powder ones. Maybe I should do something about that. Like use a sweeter kind? idk ;-;

Anyway yeah I've been making cookies.

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