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Looking For Online Friends (get to know me <3)

I've made this Spacehay account long ago and forgot about it and I feel bad about doing that. 

I wish to have online friends, my social anxiety is bad so it'll take a lot of courage for me to respond. So pleases be aware of this when DMing me or commenting on a post i made. 

I was born in 2009 on May so i'm okay with knowing people born around that year.

If you need to know more about what i like then look at my profile, do be warned if you are sensitive to cutegore then don't look at my proflie (or do, i don't have control of what you do and don't do)  

My DNI List 


Homophobes and transphobes

Dream stans and Wilber stans/fans (get therapy if your both)

And all basic things on a DNI list 


you are apart of the LGBTQ+ 

Are a Vocaloid fan 

Sometime born in 2009 

On the autism spectrum or have ADHD (or have both)

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