so today was my first day at school and a pretty girl sat next to me, she was exactly my type, she was perfect, so feminine and pretty and cute, she draws us as fruits and she draw meee

but anyways it was a good day, i was all alone in recess anyways, nobody talked to me, not even a hi, but i don't really care anyways, it wasn't like fun but i draw a lot, like a lot, i have a lot of ideas and i need to put them on paper

it feels really alone but idc anymore, im feeling better this way than having bad friends at my side

a friend made me a playlist so i could listen to and is so fucking good, i think im gonna listen to it all year plus i really like this guy so im happy he made me one for me

my classroom is in the 4th floor and i am already tired of thinking about it, i had to take step by step but its ok, i can lose weight easily like that

i dont think anything more happened, if i remember something else i will edit this ig

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