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Leap day

My doctor was so Dr. House coded today. She rather vehemently looked down on alternative medicine and told me my heart sounded boring (which was good). She also lied to my mom for me. Slay!

Speaking of, I really admire that Olivia has made a whole brand out of throwing up. She’s literally just like me if I was exponentially more successful, pretty, and Californian. Spill your guts??? I do that already, like soooo smart And I’ve been lowkey forming an unintentional little parasocial relationship with her. She and Tate McRae have sort of been my it girl queenies of the month and they’re actually super close to my age. They’re both so girl it’s insane. Love it. 

And I’ve never had crumbl cookies in my life but I got the GUTS one bc she just performed here and it’s all limited edition fun slay vibes. Too bad I’m going dairy free. 

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