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02.28.24 sweet wish

month of Love, Girl, choco, &pink!

goodbye feb → hi2 month of luck

i said i'd step up for my feb entry but looking back at my documents (pics) there's nothing but school, school, and school..( ̄□ ̄」) but i'm excited to share some of my finds & wishlist + publishing this on time (*ノ∀`*)




i asked my classmates to dab for me and they did it without missing a beat why was this so funny to me...(^///^) it's even funnier cause friend #1 did it first then the other two after LOLOL

\(▽ ̄ \ ( ̄▽ ̄) /  ̄▽)/

us when we grow closer after spending 2 to 3 semesters

&having senioritis together...


it's official...i am now 1bin lover licensed 

retired from the old pink&brown wallpaper and back to the orig design though i kinda regret it since it's a little too bright (´͈  ᵕ `͈ )...i'll keep it for at least a few months 


power went out at my place for the past 2 days /(.□ . \)

the weather's been so bad i spent the next 2Days camping out at cafes to do homework and my routine was so messed from having to be out the whole day ( ̄- ̄メ) *kkuma was me after i woke up two days later and jumped for joy seeing the power was on


my friend drew me ( ̄﹃ ̄) i can't be productive when i'm outside i need to be in my room! it was so hard getting work done here...a whole lot of nothing getting work done

7th hour here (( _ _ ))..z

crashed another friend's house and ate buldak noodles *yummy!  her cat sat on my lap while we watched kpop videos on the tv  why is that a collective experience...


happy yogurt day!!!! 

the line @yogurtland my aunt owns was packed so i went to the back and texted my order to her This is so Nepotism moment....|ω・)ノ she made it for me so my portion was HUGE

&happy tommy feb6 day ❤︎

random thought but i wish ranzukishop was still open i realized they shut down the shop a bit after 2020 (。ノωヽ。)゚ now the site is down and everything is archived This can't be.. .. ..

u would've been perf for my pinkchoco vision...

galism is so over without these 


pinkchoco girl  me!

it's been so long since i shopped on neokyo and i've been wanting more stuff to style my bookshelf to slowly shift to pink & brown then found an unopened rilakkuma choco cafe rement set for $70 and pondered.....like(>.<;)ゞ i bit the bullet cause i was talking about this in my nostalgic dream entry where all the listings are like $100+ and i don't regret it ^_^


my melo's lunch bag first day in action 

i started bringing real lunch to class cause i only have a 10min gap and i realized i can't sustain myself with a plethora of snacks...me after 10 empty wrappers of strawberry gummies, a pack of milk bread, and philz coffee ⌒(ノД`)


day of 𝓛ove...sweet wishes&messages

no class  choco day

i spent today buying supplies and decorated pocky for my friends (/^-^(^ ^*)/ ♡ i think i did better than last year since i added more details (white &pink sprinkles! i didn't burn the choco this time cause i realized i'm supposed to take it off the heat when i add it to the double boiler 



i am choco pâtissier!

dark brown packaging to Maximize #PinkChoco 

hehe i felt like i was cupid delivering these... ❤︎⌒ヽ(*'、^*)chu!

so lovely and fun!!! i spent the rest of my night rewatching kimi ni todoke and yumeiro patissiere valentine's day eps  i wish i took more pics of my pocky but it took SO long cause i was picking out the white and pink sprinkles out of the jar LOLOL (so not lol) 

H𝒶ppy 𝒱alentine's 𝒟a𝓎...


my friend made me a cinnamoroll coaster  we exchanged gifts for valentine's and she previously gifted me a handmade sugarbunnies version before (*・∀・)爻(・∀・*) now i hav a mini collection of coasters incl. the ones from mafavarchive  my kkuma cups actually hold a good amount too~


i love valentine's day content more than i should but riize's editors and concept creators are just in the know They get it each time....( `∀)(∀´ )me&Them seeing eo eye2eye iLove the boys over flowers theme  the flip phones too Ohhhhmaiga i'm frozed...

you r 𝓅𝑒𝓇𝒻 to me.

❤︎_(˘▽˘ )

set up my rements and got started on re-furnishing my bookshelf i've been putting off for like 2 years but i'm slowly starting to really declutter my stuff and get rid of a lot of things i had when i first started having adult money (*^.^*) it's gonna be so much work putting these up for sale

new monochrome(ish?) corner of my shelf  i've decided to embrace gray as part of my color palette...also stored away my older trinkets so i can put newer ones here (⌒▽⌒)

a lot more whites, less pink

hk maid lamp  nightstand

i tried to be diy gal but i just cannot add lace to my stuff without looking like an idiot!!  must redeem myself next time when i have more materials on hand ”(ノ_<) somebody plz help me.

twin sized life = 1 plushie limit 

storing my plushies away made me so sad but i slept with less and realized sleeping with a line of hello kitty cushions beside me was affecting the quality of my sleep  now i'm demoted to psych ward-esque bedding [▓▓]ꇤε:)

i went back on a shopping spree for some spring items (iKnow it was soon) and wanted to share some upcoming items i managed to buy...(^▽^)/


i was looking for either the cecil mcbee or pinky girls ver. but i'm happy i found a listing with the charger...first super hotpink item i'm gonna own (very cool and spicy)

Megane status..

qpot docomo!!!!

i've been into decoden these days...


my first ever designer item i own (˚ ˃̣̣̥ω˂̣̣̥ )

i wanted another card holder so i've been eyeing this hehe...i was scared this would be bulky since i wouldn't be in the store with my mom but it's the ideal size to hold 

if u haven't noticed..

today's bgm of choice is ao haru ride's opening (ゝ∀・)ゞ when i think of 𝓢houjo i feel like it most whenever i listen to this song........though i didn't really like the plot(manga) cause i h8 characters that make me go through so much unnecessary emotional turmoil

music box ver. for utmost GIRL vibes

it's been such a pinkchoco filled month!

march is going 2be filled with so many deadlines but i'll be excited for all the new things i've been collecting this past month (*≧ω≦*) hope luck is on your side this upcoming month...

see you soon❤︎

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this is so cute i love it >0<

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shu ?!

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back2back (sorta) K★MA updates.. there is good in the world after all (^▽^)/ ʸᵉᔆᵎ ur spring items?? OBSESSED is an understatement i am FLOORED w/ the cecil mcbee phone (*/ω\) loving the room makeover i wish i was still home so i could embrace the psychward-esque sheets too Ugh we'll have 2 wait then ( ̄  ̄|||) the valentine treats Oh to b receiving them..<3 riize content having a chokehold on me2. Theyre healing my hopeless romantic heart ε-(>o<) here's 2 a pinkchoco month & merry march (* ^ ω ^)♡

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Means so much from the thrifting legend (Shu)...sending choco ur way neow (*^ω^)八(⌒▽⌒) can't wait for pics in ur new gyaru wear for the spring~~hope u had a pinkiful month and hope new york treats u nicely this month^^(d.i.a. clothes will be ur lucky charm)

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sweet&cutie feb blog ︎︎ u seriously won so bad w/qpot flip phone i need to get on ur lvl (neokyo hunting soon ꉂ(ˊᗜˋ*)) the room details are sooo cute ^^ entering kuma-interior designer arc?? & omfg riize content is keeling me i usually feel like a #hag towards new groups but sohee◞

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omgeez neokyo window shopping [hands clasped tg] thank u Lovely it's been so long since i've changed up my bookshelf ʕ•̀ω•́ʔ✧ All Girls having a minor in interior design from changing up their room every 5 business days....(Real)

i get U so hard on new groups...riize being the latest group since aespa (4me) where i have some genuine interest ermmm [scratches head] they rTOO serious this time

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hello again ⸜(。 ˃ ᵕ ˂ )⸝♡ dare i say my biggest wish is to receive kumaPocky no cauze valentine’s riize content actually strangled me like Whut(˶˃⤙˂˶)…. (too many screen caps with flip phones in hand) loving new room details YesYes!!!!!! into inspo-archive now (_<) MCBEE WINN & qpot Omg a girl can nvr stop taking pics
:¨ ·.· ¨:
`· . ౨ৎ pure sweet delight from pinkchoco filled entry~

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sending all my (/▽\*)。o○♡ to u....us when we're in a make full blown content abt useless topics and RIIZE shows up (with a 2 episode series on valentine's day) (; ω ; ) gonna b calling u up on ur f-04c from mcbee phone 4 serious Girl talk (^ ^#)...

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