my job sucks + Gen AI rambling


I go on a tangent about Generative AI practices, eating the rich and getting political...


I just had to finish a thirty-minute training video about how Generative AI is the future for my company and how it would "increase productivity." No the fuck it won't. It might "produce" extra money for you conglomerates, but the bottom line is that you're setting yourself up to fail by finding your own workforce as replaceable. And while that may be true in some sense, how long will it be before the company you've built from the ground up becomes obsolete because the workers you should have valued moved onto some other job.

I know that it sounds like I'm placing myself on a pedestal, thinking that I'm special and shouldn't be replaced — I'm not. I'm just tired of these CEOs not thinking that they can be replaced as well; not by AI, of course, but because they don't think their actions have consequences by enrolling these AI practices. My point is people have a natural predisposition to feeling wanted or wanting to belong in a group of some sort. While I do believe that AI will have a place in the future, that doesn't mean humans won't either. Humans will always persevere, even with the changing times. We'll always find the place that we want to be in. Regarding the current AI practices and the possible mishandling it'll have in the future, it's kind of idiotic to believe that we'll be completely replaced by it, even more so for the conglomerates who want that to happen because it'll save them a buck.

Also, mark my words: the moment it affects a leader/politician they're going to roll it back or even outright ban it. Maybe not in the silly way like said politician playing games or eating spaghetti and whatnot, but I can easily imagine in the future that rivaling countries will use AI to accuse another country of committing a war crime or some other atrocity. Maybe that in itself is wishful thinking, but with the way things are going like with that Sora AI nonsense, it's not out of the realm of possibility...

Another thing that I'm wishfully thinking of is that maybe one day AI will get so overwhelming that people will stop using the internet, everything will stop being digitized, and we go back to physical media because AI does more harm than good. I know, this sounds like I'm coping; but honestly, I don't trust most people who use AI for cheap labor or to push the possible boundaries because I don't believe they'll use those methods for good.

Rant over...

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