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Day 105 of being the ultimate lucky student until a new Danganronpa game comes out

Okay, today was varied but things are still looking up, things are still good! I'm just so tired! 

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Guys, I don't know how but I made it through today, I stand at the end of this Tuesday, about to turn in for the evening, victorious! I have braved the day! I keep saying that I'm super lucky, so, in PE class, I forgot my clothing and I was so nervous and anxious because they usually give us detention so I rock up, I sit in the locker room for a while to hype myself up. It's always so hard to own up to something but but I do something that is wrong or against the rules or if I messed up, I do try to admit it, that's something I've had to work on, not just brushing something off. Some say I apologize too much, that's what my grandma used to tell me but it's better that than not apologizing for anything. Anyway, I went out and admitted to the teacher that I forgot my clothes and he just said "ohhh noo, man" thats it and then I asked if I got detention and he just gave me a warning. I distinctly remember this system being much stricter last year. Ah, well, who am I to complain? 

So, if you remember back in, it must have been November 2023, wow! 4 months, that's crazy. Anyway, for those out of the loop, I had/have/not sure anymore a crush on my science teacher, dude, she's so cute sometimes, it's not as bad now but back in grade 10 and grade 11, I was at her feet, hanging off of her every word, she wanted help, dude, im there standing like this o7. In November 2023, it was one of those times, she needed some kids for her video to advertise the school science labs and i was there like o7, that was also the day I wrote my best short story ever. Anyway, I don't have it anymore so it's irrelevant. I haven't seen the advert until someone sent a video on one of the class groups at a school event and in the background, I notice this banner and I squint and realize, I'm on that banner, that's so weird. I'm the most average student you will get and I was put on the banner at an award ceremony. That would be like spitting on everyone who won an award, it's just disrespectful, right? Again, I'm not complaining! This is a win! Our influence only grows, moth fan stans! 

What a great morning that was, however! I had an art test in the afternoon. How terrible! I was not looking forward. Nope, not in the slightest. Why would I? I despise that subject. I got myself some coffee because I was falling asleep in my free period and I wasn't even doing work, I was reading articles online. Anyway, I finally went to write and I didn't even get an opportunity to wish the girl in my class good luck, it feels like I always get so close and then something gets in the way. When I say I'm super lucky, I mean in the Danganronpa sense of the word, the odds are always unlikely, doesn't mean that it's bad or good. These instances are always bad, why? Everytime I want to talk to her! Anyway, the test was fine, I hate design tests (I use art and design interchangeably, they are the same thing). They're so boring. I got out of their and was immediately tired. However, look at me, I drank tea instead of coffee Because I drank coffee before design. I probably failed my design, it's joever guys, fellas, it's joever. How can someone rule the world if they can't pass art...someone take the candle, go on without me...carry out my's all ogre now. 

I hope to have more time soon, I have not had any time to myself, maybe that's because I spend too much time on discord and Spacehey? Nahhhh! Nothing against my friends on discord and spacehey, yall are cool, I guess I leave the app open sometimes and the time spent just inflates. I just suck at time management. I don't spend too much time on my phone actually. A lot of my wasted time is spent lying in bed staring at the ceiling. We get better tomorrow, tomorrow! Productivity starts, I'm designing a schedule for myself, why didn't I try that sooner???

It's Ramble time... that's a vague reference but I hope someone got it. Anyway, how does one start a conversation. Especially with someone I hardly know. Shits tough, it's rough out here, fellas. I can't ask about tests all the time, some day I have to branch off into my own conversations. I'll try. I think that when it comes to conversation starters, there are two people who are the best at it. deniz from spacehey and my irl friend, the Mario kart guy, you know him and love him. Both of these people just have the most out of pocket conversation starters, I gotta learn from them, frfr. Anyway, if you've read this far and have any conversation starters I can use to break the ice, drop them in the comments below or don't, I'm not your boss and even if I was, worker rights, do what you want!

"You are a wonderful creation. You know more than you think you know, just as you know less than you want to know." 

Oscar Wilde 

I had a more cynical quote by this author but I decided to go with this one. It's just lovely, this applies to all of you reading this! You guys don't give yourself enough credit for your actions, ya'll are so smart and intelligent and wise and you never give yourselves the credit and some of you are always hungry for more knowledge and we all know, I admire that! That hunger for wisdom is what I admire. Anyway, I'll love and leave you with that, enjoy the rest of your time with this day, goodnight and thank you for reading!

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Spacehey is no.1 time consumer giyiuyiuhuiguohuhuh
Dont overthink conversations, if a certain topic reminds you of someone just bring it up

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LOL i don't have a secret technique or anything actually but i appreciate the compliment :DD i just say whatever question that comes to my mind (sometimes it's a question that i thought of before) something about them that i was curious of!!

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That makes a lot of sense actually, it's a secret technique to me, I'll treat it as such!

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