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No one is going to see this

-- At least no one I know. This shit is like my public diary.

 'diary' is kind of a cringe word to be using as a 20-year-old, but you get the vibe. It's like a digitally vandalized billboard you'd see on your way to work, red spray paint and all. I don't give a fuck what I say on here, because no one is going to search for it, and I love it. 

mmmm idk, maybe like 3 (??) people know of its existence?? not like I'd ever show them though, they can't have this part of me. 

And if u're one of those people who are randomly scrolling on this website and happen to stumble upon this, you've stumbled upon gold. What if the entire internet goes down and this is lost media forever??? lost art??? You're experiencing random blogs, random notes, random scriptures. 

You have found something no one in my life is ever going to know about. 

I commend you for your time, and I'm grateful someone was intreged by my words... 

so, I'll see you when I see you :)

Or whenever I decide to post on here every once in a while- I forget this exists sometimes

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its so fun looking at the most recent blogs its so interesting to see what people are thinking at that moment

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totally agree babes

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Scrolling through recent blogs is much more interesting than going through the popular ones,because that's really fun to read about what people were thinking practically just now 👾

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Right?? Plus its sooo much juicier too

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whenever im online i love just reading through all the recent blogs, its cool to get glimses into peoples lives thats more unfiltered

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yeah, it's cool to see ppl unfiltered and catching glimpses into other ppl's lives

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