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Old Yeller

Date: 25 february 2024 

I watched the movie "Old Yeller" and it was really good. After I finished watching it I discussed the movie with my parents. Now I've finished the fourth season of "You" on netflix (not so good, don't recommend), and I went down stairs to talk to my parents abt it but then I realized that I really, wish I had friends that I could talk to, nothing that has to be too deep just friends that I can talk with abt anything that's on my mind. I can talk to my online friend abt it but that's abt it. I don't connect with many ppl. I think I might be incredibly uninteresting. It's weird that I think I'm both extremely strange but also so incredibly ordinary. Nothing special abt me, but also a lot of ppl would say I'm "special" in that pitying tone that I hate. Maybe my problem is that I think so much that I create my own problems. It was much easier for me to have a sense of self when I had so many ppl around me to tell me who I was. Old Yeller was a good dog. 

- Elliot

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