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Day 103 of learning communism so the world can be a communist society when i rule it

Sorry moth fan stans and moots, terrible week! I finished my Hamlet reread, I was super miserable and then I didn't have a book to fill that void! We'll get to that though. For now, I'm sorry! My plans for world domination were greatly hindered however, it's not all bad! We have also made incredible progress!

  • Reading Rainbow 
  • The "C" word
  • Our new allies 
  • Sinner get ready- oh wait, wrong album sorry 
  • So Barack!
  • Quote of the day

Since I alluded to it, I might as well discuss my reading habits. I finished Hamlet, greatest work of literature and I'll be reading it for a third time in 2 months for school this time by the way, I read Hamlet twice which I part of the school curriculum and my rival didn't so I am in the lead! I have the high ground and since I had nothing to read, I read Life of Pi and I'm ahead of him, he's only seen the movie! Ha! What a pathetic little worm! I am victorious! I cannot let myself get cocky, however! I need to remain focused on school, especially English class to maintain a victory, I should not concern myself with such trifles and focus on the more pressing matters at hand! Anyway, Life of Pi is so good! It utilizes a trope that I really like, I don't want to spoil it but if you know, you know! Let's just say I think Eye of the Tiger is very fitting song for the book. Other than Life of Pi, I read a book on Marxism, just a basic introductory thing and I've been reading a lot of leftist, communist news articles, just doing some research. 

Speaking of leftism, I think I'm finally comfortable with the C word. Cunt? No. Crap? No, by C word, I mean communist. I've always been scary to label myself a communist because we have this association which we make and I think I'm finally a communist! This is gonna sound so dumb but communism is motivating to me, like I was so down in the dumps, every small thing was compounding and I couldn't take it, I was losing motivation and then I read about worker solidarity and all that. I watched a video on Che Guevara too! Bro is my Patrick Bateman, he's my Jordan Belfort. He was really cool and really smart and well learned. I need to read his Motorcycle Diaries. Man, I feel so motivated! I'm gonna start a revolution! When I dominate the world, it will be a socialist society. I kinda neglected politics after leaving debate, Im back though, im really passionate about politics, it's so motivating to work for something bigger than yourself. For the workers! Though no matter how much research I do on leftist politics, there is still one right wing argument that i don't know how to rebut.

The argument I cannot rebut

To add to my new motivation, we have two more allies on our side to help us in world motivation. A young soldier named ARCHIE has fallen into my ranks! I think I actually mentioned her in the last blog post, I don't remember what I write, my wires cross sorry but we exchanged playlists with each other. Also, just yesterday, a young man came to me, wishing to be recruited. He came bearing gifts. I may recruit him, he seems to have promise, grit. Same with ARCHIE who may receive a promotion some time. On a serious note, I do appreciate you all! You guys reading this mean the world to me! Where would I be without you all? I know I said I'd stop wirh the world domination joke but shits too much fun! I can't stop! Also if Brad can make his dumb space opera then I can have my fun too! 

My boy

You're probably wondering, what gifts did this guy bring me, he brought me a recommendation! You want to get on my good side, call me a twink or give me something to watch or listen to or read. He did both, what did he recommend? A Mars Volta song. I honestly just wanna gush about Mars Volta for a while. They're like Pink Floyd but better and with Latin American influence. They're music is so good! Why did I reference a Lingua Ignota album? Well, I used to get the two of them confused. Lingua Ignota is next though, I just need to listen to every Mars Volta album I'm on Album two rn, called Frances the Mute and it is a perfect album. PLEASE LISTEN TO MARS VOLTA! IM BEGGING YOU, TEARS IN MY EYES, ON MY KNEES, HANDS CLASPED TOGETHER! Lemme put you guys on! 

The first one is so long and intense and just a trip 

First song

The second one is really melancholic, don't read this if you're triggered by like abuse or religious trauma...

So it's in Spanish but it's really sad actually, it's about these prostitutes who go to this church to repent where the pastor abuses and tortures them. It made me cry because the song starts out so beautifully and then it becomes all distorted and warped and like dude, they're never gonna be the same again. It's so sad. I'm about to cry just typing this. Beautiful band! Beautiful music! 

Second song

The first one is about a Witch trial by the way. 

Anyway, let's lighten the mood, I got back into movies again, I watched three movies, The Graduate, it's about a college graduate who has an affair with an...sigh...older woman... listen, I know a recommendation like this coming from me might cheapen the movie because you're thinking "oh of course, Slip_moth thinks the movie about the older woman love triangle is good" but watch it! It's good, I promise!!!! Then Raising Arizona, one of the funniest movies ever and there's such a good chase sequence, it's better than the Italian Job chase sequence. Then Taxi Driver, we all know my thoughts on that. I am one step closer to beating my rival, that Fucker! That bitch! I'll get him!

Raising Arizona chase

Okay, final section, //CELPHINE'S recommended that I do like a literature insult of the day thing, let's give it a go then! I won't just limit myself to insults though but we'll start with a rather mean spirited quote. Election season is coming up and also the whole genocide is happening. People are choosing to stay silent about what is happening in Palestine. Maybe you wanna use it to piss of a centrist, here it is.

“The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in times of great moral crisis, maintain their neutrality.” 

By Dante Alighieri, known for two of the big Bible fanfics. The Inferno and The Divine Comedy. Personally, I haven't read them yet. I would like to read them along with Paradise Lost at some point but I heard that in a literature degree, these books are usually taught and I don't want to spoil them for myself, I want to experience them for the first time if I do a literature degree. 

Anyway, that's all for today, thank you for reading, thank you for bearing with my inconsistencies and goodbye, good night! Hey, have a good night

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Bible fanfic quote love it
preach, moth!

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But like how else do I classify it, I just refer to these three books as the big Bible fanfics and hope they understand, when I study literature one day, it would be funny if I refer to these texts as fanfic

by Slip_Moth; ; Report


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i giggle whenever you capitalize my name. ARCHIE here. im proud of you for finally being able to call yourself a communist.... its really weird how much weight that word can hold isnt it? from a political ideology to something conservatives shout at anyone whos even slightly left leaning. you want equal rights for everyone? you filthy commie.. theres only one place for you and its HELL

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I gotta capitalize it, that's the way it is, just ask m ISCARIOT or YAN, also it's fun to type in all caps.

The word communist must hold this much weight because of the red scare, right? Its really not that bad, like you said, it's just equal rights for all. Kinda sucks that people misconstrued it.

by Slip_Moth; ; Report

yeah definitely its shocking how easily people fall for propaganda

by JUNE / ARCHIE; ; Report