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Day 102 of saying goodnight to my sweet prince and then casually ruling over Denmark

I'm really emotional today, again, you'll see why but I'll get into it. I'm excited for this entry, I've got a lot to talk about... (TW I MENTION THE ACT OF STRANGLING)

  • Get Lucky
  • I'll call you when I'm not so emo (I forgot the actual title of the song but it's my favorite American football song)
  • Next book
  • Mind on vacation 
  • Music again

So, yesterday, I went to the Sunday Market thing. I'm at the Sunday Market with my so called...yeah we've made this joke. It's becoming a routine to check there after church every Sunday. I look forward to it, the priest is giving a sermon and I'm like feeling my clothes like I bet i could fund something like this at the Sunday Market. Guess what? We went there and I started at the book side but I didn't plan on buying a book, I don't like reading classic after classic, I need some contemporary lit so I planned to just browse, see what's new...and oh- I check the shelf, there's a book out of place, it's The Magic Mountain, one of the greatest works of German literature. I check the back and it says free. I asked the guy selling and he said "sure, man, take it, knock yourself out." I was so excited, I literally couldn't walk straight. I got a free book and it's mine all mine! Then I go to the clothing section, i planned on buying myself one item of clothing but ended up buying 3 items, they were on special, it was so cheap! I love them! Great haul!

Anyway, I'm a little emotional today though. This is so stupid but I finished my reread of Hamlet. Bro, I'm so emotional. Not sad, just melancholic. Hamlet is just so close to death constantly in the play, like figuratively but then the way that's emphasized literally! With the Skull, the ghost, leaping into the grave. Laertes said something so beautiful too about Ophelia.

"Hold off the earth awhile,

Till I have caught her once more in mine arms." 

(Then he jumps in the grave)

That was so beautiful, like I am not an expressive person but when he said that I was like grasping for air! He wants time to stop that he may hold his sister once more!!! Hamlet is my favorite literary character besides maybe Iago but in this scene, Hamlet was a little shit. Laertes is mourning the loss of his sister, he witnessed her go mad and then he heard of her death, she was deprived of life and Hamlet should be able to relate and have sympathy but he says something about how he loved her more and he one upped and  Laertes at the funeral of his sister and they jump in the grave, beautiful foreshadowing! I think this is Shakespeare's darkest or his most tragic, his gloomiest, it's dark and brooding and everything I love about his work, about classic literature, all rolled into one big play. Now closes a noble book...good night, sweet prince...

Okay that was a little cringe but cmon, it's my favorite work of literature ever. 

I was thinking next, I could read some political stuff. I can't find any leftist books at my library, I've combed it but nothing except for a Che Guevara book. I'll get to that though. I found a website that I don't have a link for which has a whole host of leftist reading, articles, podcasts, videos, for beginners and experienced leftists alike. Fiction definitely has its place of importance in the literary Canon but I think that I should read some non fiction too. Not like those stupid, self help books. There's always an emphasis on non-fiction when people tell you to read if someone says to read more and specifically says to read more non-fiction, I am not a violent person but my hands will be around their throat, I'll jump into the grave and fight them like Hamlet. Either way, I need to read more philosophy and political stuff, if you have any recommendations, I implore you to send them my way. Especially leftist stuff, I can find philosophy stuff with ease but leftist reading material, it's difficult to know where to start.

Okay so I have plans which I have begun enacting and this picture sums it up...

Seinfeld gay

I will say that I did look like a Seinfeld character in the shirt I bought at the market yesterday. Like apparently I'm slaying with that new shirt, my sister said I looked gay which is a good thing especially when it's in reference to your outfit. I need to look gay when I run into attractive men in the grocery store...

Anyway, final topic. I listened to a lot of music. I'm just kinda listening to whatever, I don't have anything planned, I ask the server I'm in for recommendations, they deliver. I listened to the Yuele album Serotonin II which was so good and each track was better than the last, here's my review...

I go overboard

Then there's weatherday, my moot on here, deniz loves weatherday and I love weatherday but I've never listened to one of their albums before and I already knew most of the songs I thought it wouldn't help to listen to the album but when it's arranged like that, it's so beautiful and I love it...guys, I cried...I'm doing maths over here and I cried over weatherday. It moved me, I'm listening to this other artist my dead girlfriend rn. By the way Come in by weatherday review

Imagine I swapped the two reviews

Oh and another one of my moots, CHARON made me a playlist. We did like a playlist exchange thing it was very cool, I can't wait to listen to the playlist. I'm gonna listen First thing tomorrow! I organanizized my playlist very carefully so each song blends to the next. If you're reading this, im sorry for subjecting you to that playlist. 

Anyway I was talking about my dead girlfriend, well I don't have a dead girlfriend, that's the band name, they're shoegaze, I recommend but I recommend the other two albums more.

That's it, I'm going to sleep, have a good one and thank you for reading as always! Goodnight, Spacehey!

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nooooo waaaayy!!! YOU LISTENED TO COME IN?? great choice and glad that you really liked it :DDD thank you for the compliment too but jokes on you!! i have an aoty account!!! lolol (i'm not very active there but i still use it so it counts) yk what, i'll give you a follow there rn
and, crying to weatherday is so real... 'my sputnik sweetheart' makes me cry everytime i listen to it like i'm fr, sputnik is a genius
also, my dead girlfriend??? bro they're also one of my fav bands they make amazing music tbh, glad that you got to listen to them too lolol
can recommend the album 'softscars' by yeule btw, i haven't listened to serotonin ii fully yet but softscars is soo good, listen to it if you already haven't

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It took me too long and I've been a weatherday listener for a while, same with yuele, except I never heard a single yuele song until yesterday, I think I only followed them because I saw a pitchfork article. Anyway, so good, 100/100!

I'll drop you a follow backsies! I wanted to keep the account secret because my opinions are kinda trash but that secrecy was short lived.

Softscars! I'll make note of that and I also need to check out more dead girlfriend albums, the server I'm in recommended something by them but I can't remember what it was called.

by Slip_Moth; ; Report

i think your opinions are pretty good :DD reviews are short but efficient, good way to log albums honestly!

they have only one album from what i know so it was probably one of their eps :p this one maybe?

by deniz; ; Report

That was it, thank you! Also thank you, I can't talk about music for the life of me but I'm glad someone thinks my terrible reviews are "good" I think my Spirit Phone review is my new favorite, I say nothing about the actual album

by Slip_Moth; ; Report

you're welcome and lolol :DD i just chekced that review and it's really funny, nutritious, healthy, sour, edible..

by deniz; ; Report

Is that a hint of lemon?

by Slip_Moth; ; Report