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any good horror games?

so my favorite game genre is horror games! im a big big fan of outlast and has played it more times than i can count! ive been trying to find a game that gives me a similar creepy vibe, but i havent found one :( does anyone know any good horror games? wether its on the computer, phone or tv doesnt matter!! :3

love, maos

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u probably already know this game but house maybee? it's like this really cool pixel art strategy horror game. it's super funnn.

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if you're looking for games that have a specific creepy vibe, i really recommend slay the princess. it's an unsettling cosmic horror about how you can make a princess into a monster just depending on what you think about her, with many different endings

another creepy/more psychological/satire horror game is needy streamer overload, where you try to take your gf ame to become the top streamer ever. it absolutely criticizes idol and streamer culture and misogyny and i love it

last rec i got is omori, another psych horror about a shut in that's in a world where he can't remember what happened before the Something. it really uses scopophobia to its advantage to the point where i couldnt look at my mirror at night AHAHAHAH

if you have any horror game recs for me, please hmu :0!!! i'm new to the genre and would love to find a place to start

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psychological horror or scare games??1!!

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Cry of fear 100%

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Well the horror games that i really liked was Dead Space 1-2 parts and also Signalis! Also do recommend play Amnesia: The Dark Descent, game is pretty old but can give you a big spook!

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