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Day 101 of sleeping until the world takes itself over

Today was such a blur, I don't remember much of it, I woke up and now the day is done, I'm just a tiny bit exhausted, we cap on! Now is not the time to be slacking! Damn though I'm tired as hell though. I had so much I wanted to do today but I'll do it tomorrow. We can always take over the world some other time...

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  • So tired
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  • Don't dream it's over
  • Motivation (again!)

I'm pretty tired and I never realize how tired or anxious I am until someone tells me. I'm usually very aware of my surroundings but so oblivious of myself. Anyway, today, I was caught lacking or slacking, whatever the slang is, I don't use slang too often unless it's something me or one of my friends Madd up like "we cap on" apparently cap means lie, to me it just means the same as Thug it out. Anyway, point being I was caught (s)lacking today. I had a chemistry test this morning (which I didn't study for) and then I got to class, as the test was about to start, like they were already handing out paper, I open my bag, take out my stationary in the usual fashion only it's not there. I forgot all of my stationary at home. I contemplated just walking away, like tossing my hands in the air and just leaving. Then I took a deep breath in and I turned to this kid at the back of the class who wasn't writing and asked him for a pen. As I asked though, I was like on the verge of tears and i choked up as I asked him. He must've felt bad because he was like "Here's my entire pencil case", bro casually saved my ass, I've got money, I'll buy him a 3 course meal if he wants it. The test was pretty easy though. Nothing to cry over. I can't believe I almost cried over not having stationary, that sounds so arbitrary but I do take things very seriously, things like tests. I've been told I'm really nevermind by my friend and like who's he calling nevermind, bro doesn't know what lesson he's walking to and I'm nevermind. I don't blame him though, I come off that way, I get asked if I'm high wayyyyy too often, I don't know if I've spoken about that but I have red eyes on most occasions because I sleep a lot and also I have a very consistent way of speaking (in other words I'm monotone). Anyway, we're getting sidetracked. Easy test, methinks! 

Speaking of redness in the eyes from sleeping, if I wasnt slacking enough. I found myself in the math class and I was falling asleep and usually I just pinch myself which doesn't usually work but it's worth a try. Everytime I sleep in class though, I always scare myself somehow and wake up. I'd be sleeping and tell myself that the teacher is calling on me and I scare myself awake and realize she doesn't even know I'm sleeping. That happens but I would not wake up properly, it got so bad that I stopped taking notes and eventually I gave up and decided to just take a nap, I earned it and them just when I found peaceful sleep, the bell rang and I was still sleeping! I was hobbling to my next class. You know what woke me up though? Life of Pi! There's nothing more Slip_moth coded than being awoken by literature. Also, I forgot to mention in that class, before I started sleeping, I made conversation with someone! He's usually trying to talk to me but then we wouldn't get far because class would start but in the 30 seconds before class starts, this guy tells me the craziest stuff and then gets interrupted, real conversation that happened..."so, Slip_moth, I recently found out that I have all the ingredients in my home to make a bom-" and then the teacher would walk in. How rude! 

I may be slacking in some regards but in others, I'm flourishing! I wrote another review! This time on Madoka Magica, the magical girl anime. I wrote a bulletin about how much I hate editing but this time specifically. We all know how slow my pc is, I write on there but it's so damn slow. Well, I write on my phone or physically and then I have to compile my jumbled writings onto substack which is a really good hosting website but it's also really slow so. Then I had to go somewhere when I just got my pc to load. I had a mini heart attack and came back and finished writing but on a timer. It was a quick piece to write, only 6 minutes reading time. If you guys want to see it let me know because I feel like scum when I post a link to it. I hate plugging but I'm not gonna gain exposure if I don't. 

No, 20th Century Boys section for today because I'm gonna read a volume after this goes up but I have been watching this anime called Grandblue Dreaming. It's so sleazy. It uses all the tropes I hate yet it's so funny. I can't help but laugh at everything. The jokes are so sudden too. It's also really mean spirited which I don't like but like I said, it's everything I hate and then they make it so funny, I unironically love this anime. It's been getting me through the week.

Oh boy! We talk about motivation again! Did I talk about this yesterday. I don't know, I'm talking about it again though because I'm really motivated rn and I don't know what else to talk about. For this whole year now, I've been thinking "okay, tomorrow we start" then tomorrow comes and I say the same thing. Though, I will actually try to be more productive tomorrow, I've got the whole day, right? Why not? I might as well run through my day since I don't usually write these weekends, I'm gonna workout in the morning, read some Hamlet, start my school work, write this story I'm working on, draw. That shouldn't take long at all and then I have time for other stuff. Why don't I always plan things out like this? Anyway, that's it. Thank you for reading this, much appreciated as always. Good night, see you whenever!

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