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Day 99 of going mad with love!

Oh what a day! Let's get into it, I have too much tea to spill! Headlines! I also have a surprise at the end.

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Let's make this quick, my power is going out! penpal has officially gotten her letter and my teacher had to look over it because it is a school thing and she highlighted my letter as one that had a lot of effort put in but imma be honest, i can barely remember what I wrote in that letter. Something, something Hamlet, something something, I'm excited to chat, something something, movies. I think I mentioned Kendrick Lamar or something. I hope she enjoyed it though! I promise guys, I have good memory but this is in my second language, for a second language, it kind of comes naturally to me even though I speak it like a foreigner would, I write the language well.

Then in English class, i got my test back and you'll never guess...Im 1 mark away from an A. Im so upset, I was frantically looking for a mistake before the lesson ended, I need an A! I wanna major in English and I'm non-white, I need to show that racist university that I have the chops! Well, the faculty aren't racist, it's just that the dormitories are, the cult story was just the tip of the iceberg, there are many more tales of racist behavior in those dorms but im not gonna stay in the dorms if I get in because I live a hop, skip and a jump away. Like, damn though, this year I was like hyping myself up about putting everything in my English and I'm 1 mark shy of an A, my life is a Shakespearean tragedy!!!! That makes sense though because I am Hamlet. 

Anyway! What made today better was that I got chocolates from two girls, anonymously. My school and the other schools have this gift exchange thing and there's an option to leave a gift anonymously for some reason, I guess people get shy but it left me stressing, I don't know any girls who go to that school, how do they know me???? Like, I'm so confused, I'm happy though, im cynical when it comes to matters love and matters of the heart. I don't know why, I love love but like I always treat romance as this fleeting thing that won't last for whatever reason and it can seem to people that I feel I'm above Romance but quite the opposite, if I was, I wouldn't read so much classic literature. Anyway, I got these chocolates and I was over the moon, I was spinning like a ballerina, grinning and everything, I can't contain my happiness! Now to find out who wrote it though because they couldn't want this relationship to end there. I got 2 as well if both of them come forward, I joked that I'd have them cage fight and the winner gets to go out with me, real Scott Pilgrim shit, excuse the language, I'm excited. Maybe she goes to art with me, an incentive to go to art again! 

Also, I read 20th century boys only after posting my last blog and it just keeps getting better, in the chapters I read, they answer more questions about the cult and it's starting to get action packed it seems, I kinda like how wordy it is at times though, can't complain about that. I hated it in Monster but in 20th Century Boys, I love all the dialog, like it's pages and panels full of text and I love it. I love the Vibes too, like I don't relate too much because we grew up in different times but I find it somewhat relatable in the way it depicts growing up so we grew up in different times but I feel that growing up is universal, everyone can relate, I can read a coming of age novel from the 1800s and still relate. I don't wanna get too personal right now, let's save that for my eventual review of the manga which will happen! I scrapped my Fire Punch one because it's too much, what do I even say about that manga, I love it so much I can't talk about it.

I also spent the day with Thom Yorke and Shakespeare. I read Hamlet while listening to Pablo Honey and its like mixing drugs and alcohol, it's too much! I was so emotional. So so so emotional. I even made a playlist afterwards because the whole getting a Valentine's day chocolate, the Radiohead, reading my favorite work of literature at my second favorite part of it, I don't normally do this but I made a short playlist, it's only an hour and a half long. Just when i thought I was out....THEY PULL ME BACK IN! just this once, reader, I'll share a playlist I made publicly. I don't know why I keep saying that when I do something out of character or Gap moe, as they say. But yeah, it just has some of my favorite lovesongs and I hope you enjoy it because I don't normally do stuff like this and my music is generally doom and gloom but this is an exception though there is some doom and some gloom in there. Quick! Go listen before I add all the sad music!!! Anyway, good night!!! Thank you for reading!!! Special blog tomorrow for Day 100!!!! Wooooooooo!!

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