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Entry #2

There are just days where everything goes wrong, and today was one of those days for me.

For starters I've been having a lot of struggle sleeping, staying up late, more late than usual even, and it's not that I want to, but going to bed and starring at the ceilling waiting to fall asleep doesn't sound much more helpful, and with the lack of proper medication to help I just choose to burn my eyes until they are ready to rest.

Waking up by being yelled at in the morning is even worse, with little hours of sleep on my end, and someone with some serious anger issues because they have a million other problems to deal with while I'm laying in bed; getting told to do chores around the house is no problem, who gives a fuck, I'll do 'em it's not like the house will do itself.

Only for a few hours later, by night time, with their return to the home more yelling ensues; I admit to be nothing of a saint, quite the opposite at times, but this time there was no reason whatsoever to be taking this shouting to my face, only adding insult after insult to the injuries I carry.

I have no doubt in my mind that tomorrow it'll be just as shitty of a day, if not worse.

- `KazumiĀ“

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Well, at least one still has breath in their lungs that when time passes you may prove to be a comfort to others in the future.

There is always a tune to be heard as well.



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