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Day 98 of having plans i cannot share right now or however the tiktok sound goes

Today, I just got the chance to relax, even though I have a chemistry test on Friday. We can ignore that, right? Who cares? I didn't have school today soooo....

  • School's out 
  • Lazy morning 
  • Confession 
  • Reawakened passion
  • Gotta put you guys on! 

I had no school today because there was this athletics event. It's all day long, they're still there, my poor peers and schoolmates are still cheering in the heat, poor guys. I'm at home under my lovely air conditioner. I also didn't go to art because...I'm lazy and I didn't do the homework, listen, listen...I can manage in art, I used to skip art all the time and I still got a good B average. It could be an A but that subject makes me miserable, I cannot and do not want to put in any more effort than I already do.

What did I do with this free time, I listened to 4 albums as per the usual, I'm not gonna drop what I listened to, I'm a private person with my music and nobody can know what I listen to! (I have a public and aoty account). Okay, fine you've twisted my arm enough, I'll tell you, if you must know...I listened to some Nas, Illmatic to be specific, I listened to some really good album that I can't spell the name of because it's in another language, I listened to a Laurie Anderson album and the new Brittany Howard. Fellas, three out of 4 of these were good. You may guess which one I didn't like if you feel so inclined though I don't think any of you would get it, not to be condescending, it's just, I don't think I've ever vocalised the specific criticism I have for the album that I hated so you wouldn't know unless you follow my aoty which I don't think anyone here does. I'm not gonna link it though, im lazy...I didn't do much else that morning except listen to music and behave like a stoner would listening to Dark Side of the Moon high for the first time. I promise I don't use Marijuana, music is my drug so I look like I'm high when I listen to it.

Guys...I have a Confession to know famous youtuber, Pewdiepie...well he inspired me, I'm so embarrassed to say this but he made these videos where drew everyday for like 100 days and it inspired me to do something similar. I feel like my art doesn't go anywhere so I'm gonna try what he's trying. Like, I hate pewdiepie though or rather I hate his fan base, he seems to have matured a lot over the years but he just breeds the most annoying fans, like when someone says Wamen and gentlewamen or anything like that but I sometimes like Pewdiepie but strictly when he talks about books or when he does these drawing things. I like it, he's got some wisdom in there when he's not saying the n word. 

I found his 100 day drawing video inspiring. So I bought myself a sketchbook and I did day 1, I drew a nice spread today. I'll show a pic some other time though. This will be a happy prologue to a swelling first act. 

Okay, what added to my inspiration was this account named Rifuushi and she's an artist who started a YouTube channel like last month and I just love her little doodles, very cute, very cute indeed. She's kinda down to earth and like, I should make more content online, methinks. I'm still working out the kinks but just you wait! Just wait a year, moth fan stans! I'll drop something and it's gonna be cool, yes, I planned this out and it's gonna take a year, just bear with me on this one! I can't reveal any secrets because not only am I paranoid but also superstitious but it's gonna be cool, I promise! That's all for tonight, a below 1000 word count for once, anyway, good night! Thank you for reading! See you in the next one!

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