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Day 96 of interrupting your regularly scheduled programming!

This is gonna be less like a day in the life and more like an anthology. It will detail my time from Thursday up until this Sunday evening. Let's begin! 

  • Thursday 
  • Thursday again
  • Friday (vacation day 1)
  • Saturday (vacation 2)
  • Sunday (end of the vacation arc)

Ok, I was alluding to this in my bulletin but I ruined a guys life at my school. We all have school accounts with student numbers attached to those. I had to sort something out regarding that with my school and so I went up to the computer lab and this guy was helping me out. Now, my name is very short and easy to pronounce but even easier to mishear and I gave this guy my student number so he could sort my account out, I won't use my real name for this. So he puts my student number in and two results come up, i tell him that my name is moth so he should click that one and he misheard that as Josh and he kept calling me that and I didn't even realize! He eventually decided he had to delete my account and by that he meant delete Josh's account. He deleted Josh's account and he was like "well, Josh, from here we-" I interrupted him and told him my actual name. I'm sorry, Josh, it was an accident. His name isn't really Josh, I got his account deleted, the least I could do is let him keep his privacy! The weird thing is this guy had a name that sounded so close to mine, had the same last name as me and had the same student number as me...eerie...

I also alluded to this in day 95, it was the thing I needed more details before discussing, that being...building suspense...I got a penpal! Did I mention that? Imagine I did in day 95 and everyone's like "we know Slip_moth" but yeah, I got a penpal! I'm not doxxing her either. This is also really weird because my moot, ISCARIOT always makes bulletins about their penpals and I was thinking it would be nice to have one but I don't wanna go through the mailing system and the po box and all that. Now I don't believe in manifesting but cmon, tell me this isn't manifesting! The school gave me a penpal and I don't have to mail it, I iust write letters and hand it to the teacher, I was gonna open the floor to suggestions on what I could say in my letter but I didn't write a blog, sorry guys. Anyway, I manifested a penpal! Isn't that cool! I've manifested so many things and I am the biggest manifesting disbeliever. I wrote the letter and I got a few tips from the aforementioned ISCARIOT, I put together a nice little letter! I hope she loves it! It's also for my second language class which is Amharic. Oh yeah, it's a girl! My penpal is girl, it's a Valentine's day thing which they planned. I'm forgetting all the deets, sorry, guys. Next time I send a letter, I'll open the floor to suggestions on what I can ask or talk about (nothing crude!). I gotta mail it tomorrow...well I give it to someone else to mail...

My first day of vacation! I was so excited, we were going there to celebrate my uncle's birthday for the weekend and it was a long drive so I read Hamlet and we went to stay at this beach house. It was lovely! I got  to see not only my lawyer cousin but my older cousin who we'll call Chell. I'm not very close with her tbh because of the gap in our age, it's like almost a decade, nine years. I always see these times as a bonding opportunity which did eventually happen, it's pretty hectic though. I get along really well with my lawyer cousin because we're only two years apart and she's like a sister to me. Anyway, very fun, I drank a little and wrote a bulletin while under the influence of alcohol.

DAY 2!!!! was mid. Sorry but we didn't do much except go to a party which has been happening for 4 days straight to celebrate my uncle's birthday, it's crazy, he wasn't even there and they were celebrating. Crazy stuff. Anyway, the opportunity for bonding arrived because my older cousin pulled me aside before we left and then said she was saving me a can of her alcoholic beverage at the party, it was a lot more than one can!  

Before I continue, I know that some people find this blog inspirational and a lot of people who read this are not drinking age due to laws and everything, I am almost drinking age, I will be in a month. I thought that before I describe my experience, I should go over some safety tips! Okay? So this is my guide for first time drinkers because even when I'm being irresponsible, I have to be responsible! 

  • Tip 1 - don't drink when you have an upset stomach, especially not ciders or beers or anything carbonated. I may have overlooked this one slightly. You will feel awful! (Don't drink if you've taken pills or plan on taking pills either (I'm bored so I'm editing this blog))
  • Tip 2 - if it is your first time drinking, have some responsible drinkers who know their wine with you, I had my two cousins one who knew her wines and the other who was responsible. They guided me through the whole thing.
  • Tip 3 - take it in sips, don't down it, especially not for your first time drinking! After each glass evaluate how you feel and decide whether you should continue or stop there. I stopped after 5 cups, it wasn't that much, don't worry. After each Cup, I took a few minutes and I walked around a bit and just saw how I felt. 
  • Tip 4 - drink water and eat! These are important, I'm not sure how to describe how much it helped to just eat even a small meal in between drinks but just trust me, eat between drinks! 
  • Tip 5 - just relax, it's easy to get excited and nervous especially when the room is spinning and you can't stand up straight but try to lie down or sit and relax, maybe watch some TV, just take deep breaths. 

Anyway, everytime she drank a can, she'd pour half of it into my cup and hand it to me, yayyyy! From estranged relatives to drinking buddies!!! Let's gooooo!!! I ended up getting really sleepy and I didn't realize but I was walking all skew and I actively had to make an effort to walk straight, I also pissed all over my pants in the bathroom, that's really gross, I'm sorry. I cleaned it up though. I didn't piss my pants by the way, I just couldn't aim. I didn't say anything too out of pocket, I just spoke really loudly. The worst part though is when we had to go do speeches for my uncle and I had to stand there trying to keep myself straight and my sister was holding me up. Mothster is always coming in clutch! She said I sounded like Mitch Hedberg. Anyway, I did actually end up bonding with my older cousin about being lactose intolerant and how the alcohol was not helping, that's why it was the first tip, my stomach was already upset. Okay, final word about this whole incident!

I think I'm glad that I drank, I'm not a person who holds many regrets and this isn't a regret either! Reason is, im turning the big 18 and my family is always questioning how I'll act when I'm drunk, the thing is, I don't like the idea of getting drunk, it scares me that I might become someone different or wont have control over myself so I found my sweet spot and saw my tolerance. Also, I found out, I'm a sleepy drunk, I get so tired. I hope you guys understand my thought process here, I'm not saying it was right but I'm saying that I feel more at ease with myself and I know how much I can handle (more or less) which is good so that when I can drink, I do it responsibly.

Enough about drinking, let's move onto day 3, possibly the worst day for this vacation. It was really melancholic. We went to this coast area that's themed after Greece for the weekend and we never really got too much of a chance to really do much like we would when we visited when we were younger, look at that w alliteration right there! Anyway, we liked to end off this trip with a visit to the beach and pick up a milkshake and me and my cousins and the mothster made plans to do that but when we actually wanted to, we had to go home. It was really sad and melancholic. We're not rich so we don't get to go there too often so it always stings when we don't do much there and just let the days pass by. On a less sad not, I was slaying. I wore these gay little outfits, I got called a twink! A twink! Guys, Im officially a twink! I've spoken about my weird, queer shame before, right? Like of course, it's okay to be gay but it makes me uncomfortable. When I see a gay couple, I'm like that's cute but when I'm fawning over a guy or have my own little gay moments, I'm uncomfortable. I feel this shame, like I'm doing something wrong, for the record, if you're gay, you're doing nothing wrong, love is love! I have internalized homophobia which is bad and Im working on it. Getting to express myself in the way I did through my clothes with my gay scarf and tucked in shirt just made me feel good about being gay for once. I don't know, we also watched Devil Wears Prada which is about the importance of fashion, right? That's a real life example of how important fashion is! I actually have an oc who's gay but he can't come to terms with it and he has a gay mentor who helps and I came up with a good line for him while I was using the bathroom...well, I'm not gonna tell you, I don't want you to steal it, I'm just putting it out there. (Am I usually this incoherent??)


Anyway, I forgot that I'm writing a test tomorrow, this got a little heavy near the end so, here's a funny photo from pinterest. Thank you for reading! Good night! We return to the usual format tomorrow!

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