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I worked so much this week, at both of my jobs. I didn't do, like, any of my homework because of how busy I was, but luckily it's all due at the end of the month. We got the grades for our first tests back in trigonometry and I did so unbelievably bad (56%). I don't even know how I did that terribly, I thought that I had a better understanding of the material. Now my grade is terrible (54%) and I hope that I am able to bring it back up to at least a 70% by the end of the semester. I guess that I should study harder even though I thought that I studied okay this time around.

 I started the process of getting my name changed on my documents by going to the social security office on Friday. It was unnaturally warm almost all week which always makes me uneasy. February is supposed to be the most bitterly cold month here and so far it isn't shaping up to feel that way. I feel like the total number of truly cold days that occurred this winter add up to about a month and a half.

I got my monthly CD on Wednesday! I ordered the deluxe edition of The Wretched And Divine off of Discogs because I saw that there was a copy selling for a reasonable price. I was planning to just buy a normal version and then get the three extra songs of iTunes, but doing that was going to be about the same price as just buying the real thing. Today I decided to go through my parents CDs again because I was thinking about the Servotron CD and wanted to see what it sounded like. I ended up finding a bunch of classical music, as well as a Smashing Pumpkins CD, so I had a bit of an unexpected haul this week.


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