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on the topic of nsfw/gore spam accounts

Why did you make this blog?

I think that the last time I saw gore/nsfw spam accounts on here was on new years, which is around 2 months ago, and I haven't been active enough to see if there have been any more. However, I still wanted to blog about this issue because I didn't have the chance to address it at the time. To make it clear, I do not condone or support the individuals operating these accounts, nor do I encourage it.

What are these accounts?

For anyone who doesn't know, or has not seen them before, gore and nsfw accounts are generally accounts that feature graphic/explicit content as their profile pictures. Their account names can vary, but the last time I encountered these accounts, they had offensive slurs and extremely vulgar language in them. These accounts are able to add a profile picture because they have verified their email, which is what throws most people off guard.

Essentially, these accounts target wide demographics of people, and their motives behind it are unclear, and they vary considering who operates the account. However, one obvious reason for their actions would be to make people uncomfortable, and possibly trigger them. 

Okay, I get this, but why are they so harmful?

Gore and NSFW spam accounts are disturbing, yes, but they also pose harm to individuals and communities on spacehey. The explicit and graphic content they feature can cause extreme distress, discomfort, and even trigger traumatic experiences for some people on the platform. 

This is an intentional act.

These accounts can also have a negative impact on mental health for users on the platform. Users who come across their content can feel anxious and scared; I have spoken to a few individuals who have been either triggered or upset by these events. Even with that aside, considering this platform consists of minors as young as 13, they create an unsafe and unwelcoming environment for individuals who are simply trying to engage in positive experiences.

The harm extends even beyond that. It can also lead to the spread of harmful ideologies, offensive language, and cyberbullying. These accounts can potentially expose vulnerable individuals, such as minors (like myself), to explicit and inappropriate content, which can have long-lasting psychological consequences.

 What can I do to prevent people such as myself from being harmed by this?

1. Do not interact with the accounts

Well, first of all, do not interact with these accounts. By trying to compromiseDoi or involve yourself with these people, you'll put yourself in more danger. By trying to interact with them, you are doing exactly what they want. You are putting yourself at risk of seeing more harmful content. 

As I have previously mentioned, these accounts want to cause people distress and the only thing you'll be doing is giving them more attention and let them know they are causing the harm they wanted to in the first place. Engaging with them may encourage their behaviour and potentially expose you to more harmful content. I cannot stress enough how important it is to not give them attention.

2. Don't make new accounts to beat the accounts down in "cool new people"

Most people I come across in the "cool new people" section during these events make new accounts to beat the profiles down, but if you are someone doing this, you are just wasting your time and your emails. And, you are most likely not helping in any way. Encouraging people to do the same as you are will just encourage the operators behind these accounts more. It's not worth it. 

3. Don't make blogs or bulletins about any accounts in specific.

This is really the same as the last point, but again, they'll be reading them, and they'll be encouraged or gain satisfaction from them. You are, again, doing exactly what they want.

4. Block and report the accounts

This one is pretty obvious, and everyone should be doing it. Spacehey administrators are aware that these events take place, and will assess your report and eventually suspend and ban their accounts. Anyone who is banned cannot make new accounts. This is the best thing you can do. The first time I saw this happen I thought I was the only one who noticed, but many people did. And many people WILL do the same. By blocking, reporting and not interacting, you are doing a great deal for yourself and everyone else on spacehey. You are keeping yourself and people who feel upset by this safe.

5. Get off spacehey for a while. 

If you feel upset by these events, get off of spacehey for a while, lay down, rest, watch a movie, talk to a friend. If you have friends on spacehey, ask them to inform you when the event is over and the accounts are not visible or are suspended. 

 6. To prevent yourself from seeing any of them entirely, remove the cool new people tab.

Click the link below to show a tutorial on how to remove the cool new people tab, which will prevent you from seeing these accounts unless they friend you directly. 

How to remove the cool new people tab to prevent seeing spammers & gore

another method

7. Safe accounts

Safe accounts are very useful for those who are impacted negatively by spam accounts. Here is a useful spacehey safe account! 

Thank you to everyone who reads this blog, and I hope you all stay safe and that you aren't impacted as harshly next time these accounts come around.

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i'm new to this site and can't believe how much it's been happening, my god. i gotta look into that link you posted on how to remove the cool new people section. maybe spacehey should build that into the site or something.

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are people this stupid that the rest of us actually are writing essays about these gore accounts
some of you need to crack a book for once i know you hate reading i do too but just hear me out

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right, a lot of people end up encouraging these accounts even if they think theyre helping so i thought i it was necessary to write this blog !

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