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Day 95 of not having too much to say

Today was kind of a blur, I have a lot to say but I need more details before I can actually write about them. I will say that I wrote math today and it went well actually. Today was nice because no art but also my mentee ditched me when we were supposed to be working. 

What else...what else...oh yeah my art project that I keep forgetting to work on. Honestly I've been really tired and my whole schedule is kinda whack right now but we make it work! I just need to keep at it! 

I also wrote a science test today and my stomach has been aching too. I'm spreading myself wayyyy too thin. I'm going on a road trip and then I'm staying on the coast for the weekend so no blog on Friday. 

I literally can't remember, sorry guys, I do kinda wanna sleep right now. I'll fill you guys in when I have actual stuff to fill you in on. Thank you for reading and good night! 

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