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Day 94 of training to do a human pyramid like the cheerleaders in the movies

Today was kinda boring, I struggled, I seriously struggled to fill my 5 slots. Believe me, it's dry out here but I wracked my brain for you guys to have the full moth blog experience. Please enjoy what seems like random topics but are actually relevant...

  • I found myself a Cheerleader¬†
  • Midday or mid day
  • Update on girl from art class
  • IM ON GP!
  • A T M O S P H E R E

Okay, I didn't find myself a Cheerleader but i go to an all boys school, it's ass down there. One of the things that will stay in the my TV screen are the cheerleaders though. We have them but they're not good. They just yell at everyone and they're cranky and oh boy, they hate sophomores so much, always picking on sophomores those cheerleaders are. They're kinda pathetic honestly, they just sing weird parody songs with the school's name in them. They don't get me riled up. This wouldn't happen at the girls schools is all I'm saying. Not to make it a competition because that's reductive but I've seen female cheerleaders, they're making pyramids with their bodies, they're stacking themselves on one another and then still cheering. They're the real heroes! Female cheerleaders are what society needs. Why am I talking about cheerleaders??? My school randomly decides to have the cheerleaders take over and sing songs. It's supposed to be surprising and spontaneous but you can see exactly when it's gonna happen on the weekly school program. Anyway, our cheerleaders can't make pyramids! One of the coolest things I've ever seen in my entire life is the pyramid, I was at this sports event and the girls schools were there and one of them did a pyramid! If I was in student council, either I'd kick the boys cheerleaders out and outsource cheerleaders from the girls schools or I'd make them learn how to do a pyramid. Why do you care so much about the pyramid? Listen, if you've seen cheerleaders do a pyramid in real life, that's like a bucket list experience, right there. How do they do it???? I thought that only happened in movies! Female cheerleaders, you have my respect and male cheerleaders (but only if you can do a pyramid!)

Other than me complaining about my school cheerleaders, it was boring. Like something interesting happen! I gotta report to my readers, those kudos have to come from somewhere! I can't disappoint I have a readership (like 3 people). So, yeah, today was really boring. Literally nothing happened, I wanted to skip today, I mean, the cheerleader thing could've made a bulletin, right? Anyway, I don't know why this is a section, let's mosey!

Okay, okay, one thing did happen! I went to art and it wasn't terrible, I forgot my lunchbox there but still, not terrible! Why??? The girl who spilled coke, the coke girl some would call her, we know her by now. Well she has been like talking to me out of her own volition?? What does she have to gain from that? Why me??? I'm happy though, she's cool and I wanna get to know her better. Next time, I will also try to speak to her and initiate conversation because according to the mothster, she will think I'm uninterested and stop talking to me unless I also initiate. Mothster is always giving the best dating advice, where does she get it from, nobody knows. Well, I know but I can't tell you, too much drama, she should start her own blog. Anyway, I'll make the effort! For coke girl!!! She's not a drug addict by the way, I just mean coca cola. She's always smiling at me too, is she just being nice. Delusion vs Paranoia, a never ending battle but two forces in my mind which need to exist. Delusion keeps me from becoming miserable or shutting myself into my room all day and Paranoia keeps me grounded, makes sure I don't get a big head but I don't need these two things in a situation right now. I see her Thursday hopefully so let's make it work! 

I'm listening to on gp rn! Which is weird because this is a death grips section. In art class when I wasn't chatting to this girl and ignoring my teacher, I was listening to Bottomless Pit. I'll admit it right here and right now, forget what i said about not wanting to run out of music to recommend so I don't recommend music often, no, I'm a whole ass gatekeeper. There I used the G word. I gatekeep like crazy. I'm like a music drugdealer essentially. I hear a song or album I have a shortlist of people who would love it then I send it to those people individually and keep it a secret from the rest of the world. I imagine like I'm standing on a corner and slip a bag of drugs into their pockets. I guess it's more personal that way but I don't actually know anyone who would like this recommendation that hasn't heard it yet so I'm just gonna throw it out there and if it piques your interest, listen to it. I recommend Bottomless Pit by Death Grips. Soooo good! All my death grips moots have probably already heard this too, I know for a fact that Yan has already heard it so, that leaves nobody on my shortlist. There was a point in time where I did try to recommend music more publicly in my bulletins but i really hate just throwing recommendations out there for the masses. My taste isn't that good, you guys! It's kinda basic! 

Final section! Before we continue, I want to thank you all for reading even through the boredom, I'll have better stories tomorrow! We were on the topic of music. I'm not trying to be a gatekeeper, I just don't listen to this genre but I was thinking about ambient music. I kinda hate ambience, which is weird because I'm a massive Aphex Twin fan but when I hear ambience I automatically think "they're trying to be Aphex Twin!" Radiohead doesn't count either, I just hate everything else that's ambient. Unless it's video game music. What's different? I don't know, I guess they don't use those annoying amen breaks that I only like when aphex Twin uses. I actually don't know if he uses that but video game ambience just hits different, like especially those ones from a 2000s ps2 game that nobody remembers except that guy on YouTube who collects underrated video game songs. I found this guy on YouTube who makes dj sets for video game music and at that point its beyond ambient but still a lot of the songs he uses are originally ambient. Anyway, I'll break my rule, if you want to have your mind blown, listen to Lotus Waters from Yume 2kki, so good! Such a good song! Like an out of body experience. All that to day, Death Grips >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ambience (not you Aphex Twin and Radiohead! I still love you). Anyway, it's been a gas but I'll see you guys tomorrow, thanks for reading!

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