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01/29- 02/04

I had a very tiring and busy week. Part of the tiredness is because a while ago the iron supplement prescription given to me by the children's sleep center for my chronic insomnia finally ran out. I stopped seeing them because I was almost aged out of the center and felt that since I've remained stable for the past few years going to the adult center wasn't necessary. I kept forgetting to buy supplements over the counter, until Tuesday when my lowering iron levels really started to hit me. I was feeling lethargic during the day yet perked up the moment I hit my bed. I got the supplements on Wednesday and I'm feeling back to normal now. During Monday and Tuesday, though, I could barely get any work done because I my mind felt too foggy. My PSA out to the world is that if you feel extremely tired and sluggish during the day yet struggle with insomnia at night, get your iron levels checked. Anemia or being borderline anemic often manifests itself in this way.

My acne medication finally got straightened out after three weeks, thank fuck. It was all because the dermatologist kept calling in the medication under my preferred name, but Walgreens didn't recognize it since the insurance is under my deadname, so they never filled the order. This is why I need to get all of my documents changed. I got the name change order from the judge, but I haven't had the time to offically change any of my documents yet. I think that I'm going to go to the social security office this week, because it seems like that's the most important thing out of my driver's license and birth certificate. I don't know when I'll do that though, I'm so busy every week.

I've gotten a start on fixing my loneliness problem. I did eat lunch with my friends on Monday and it felt so nice to actually talk to people instead of silently watch a youtube video for half an hour. We are supposed to do it next week too! I tried out Quizbowl, and I think that deep down I don't want to go back. For one, I knew, like, 10 out of the 100 questions and felt like an idiot just sitting there for two hours. I also didn't like the vibes of the people there. I'm probably just being too harsh with my first impressions, but I don't know, they just seemed strange, which is rich coming from me, a guy who spends most of my free time in my house working on my little projects or outside alone. They also made too many weird comments about Jewish people in the span of two hours, which seems like red flag to me. I feel bad ghosting them because they seemed genuinely excited to have a new member. I'm just almost too busy to be in it, so I can probably just use that as an excuse. I work almost every Saturday, which is when they have competitions, but not all of them. They don't need to know that though. Technically, I'm already in one club, the Wildlife Biology and Conservation Club, but I've only been to one meeting. One I had to miss because I had to work and couldn't get anyone to cover for me, and the other two I didn't know were happening because I forgot to check the app for two months lol. I didn't go to the creative writing club on Friday because I needed to volunteer and Friday was a kind of chaotic day. To be honest, I'm already busy enough and I can pass on Quizbowl for my own sake.

I should probably explain my volunteering. Every week or so I go to my county's historical society and flatten out old inheritance documents so they can be scanned and put into a big database. I mostly do it because one of my scholarships requires I do 12 hours of volunteering every semester, but I also just enjoy doing menial tasks in a quiet place while I listen to my music. The people there really like me; they said that most college students only come one time and never show up again but I'm a reoccurring presence. The librarian there likes me so much that for Christmas she gave me a hand-made pot and crocheted fox :)

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