I've entered the Void of linux

Recently installed Void Linux on my laptop, and I gotta say, liking the feel of it so far.

I'm still not the most confident in my abilities, so for now I've just installed it from the local XFCE image, rather than doing the minimal install. I did give it a shot, but WiFi still kinda hurts my brain and this laptop doesn't have ethernet lol.

Despite that, it's been pretty nice to use, and quite speedy as well. Boots up a lot faster than Windows 11 did, and even outruns Debian, which was already pretty quick.

I'm honestly considering replacing Linux Mint on my main machine with Void, as soon as I can figure out how to set it up to dual boot with the Windows 11 install lol. Despite using Linux for years, I'm still kinda inexperienced. I should probably fix that.

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