Final Frontier Episode 5: The Trouble with Florans

This is my Scum and Villainy campaign called Final Frontier. It takes place in a rather surreal universe. It's a space opera type of campaign, so imagine a sort of Cowboy Bebop/Firefly vibe. It's not extremely serious.
If you want, my blog has the first episode. click here

Characters are as follows.

  1. Beavis "Nuts and Bolts" Redwood, an anthropomorphic cybernetic beaver person, a hardened criminal. Lost his legs because he decided to blow himself up. Formerly Sawdust
  2. Gloukrosh, a Spectre, a former member of the Order of Yein'ud who has been ostracized.
  3. Saul-Lano "Juggler", a human mechanic with an affinity for juggalos and clowns.
  4. Audrey "Selina" Dunn, a human doctor with a love for the finer things in life.
  5. Victor "Gambit" Tarkin, a human pilot of Galactic Union descent, looking for adventure on the rim of the GU. Former Military.

The crew is contacted by Hicks concerning their questions about the Key. Hicks is what some call a “Mystic” goods dealer, but really his main gig is selling junk to rich tourists, reserving his real goods for serious inquiries only. His knowledge is immaculate on these things but there's also some things he doesn’t know either. He tells Ghol, his main contact, that he’s found someone with more info on the key and offers to give it to him, but only if he does a job for him.

He says there's a jungle temple on the planet of Rin, containing a hidden artifact that he wants. He warns them that there’s some poachers around. The crew votes to take this mission due to the potential info they can acquire. They fly to Rin close to the coordinates they were given and journey through the jungle eventually arriving at a clearing where a temple is. The temple, a large grey stone pyramid covered in grass with a staircase leading to the top and door at the bottom for an entrance inside. Several sentient humanoid plants called Florans can be seen around the makeshift camp they've crafted for themselves. Some can be seen hauling dead animals and tanning leathers. A floran can be seen in a rather dirty looking chef uniform and hat. It seems to be stirring a pot. The crew skulk through the jungle towards the “chef”. Beavis throws a rock to distract the chef who investigates, while the crew hands him all their drugs. Beavis drops the drugs into the stew. The floran “chef” comes back and stirs the pot. Night begins to fall and eventually the floran is satisfied and rings a bell. A large group of florans come out of the jungle and temple and begin to set up a table with chairs. All of them collect a bowl and get a bowl of laced soup. They begin to eat their soup and the drugs begin to take effect. Multiple florans begin to try to get up, but fall to the ground, some leaking green fluids from their mouths. The crew exits the jungle into the clearing. They poke at some of the bodies, all the florans appear to be incapacitated. The crew looks around the area and they find a large object covered in leaves surrounded by large red barrels. They investigate and find a human working on a ship, apparently the Florans covered it with Flora to disguise it. The human looks unnourished and has shackles on him. He screams when the crew comes close, but Selina tells him “It's ok, the Florans are gone.” He explains that they enslaved him and killed his friends. “They mentioned something about Dread and how this sacrifice will surely please her.” Beavis frees him, after some nagging from Selina. He hands him a blaster pistol and tells him to stay with the group. Beavis rigs the barrels to explode. The group heads back out and begins to fuck with the red barrels whenever they see two florans come on top the temple. They begin to blow a horn, and soon the moon is covered, revealing a dark red color. A group of Florans in hunting attire come into the clearing and  A Floran with a large hat and a staff appears on the top of the pyramid. He begins to chant something, a large ball of energy begins to form above him. Beavis pulls out his Fine Blaster Pistol and Magic Ammo and fires it at the chanting Floran. A blue semi-transparent blade pops out of the blaster and stabs the Floran. He is impaled upon the blade and soon the blade fades. The floran falls from the pyramid and hits the ground. The horn blowers run. The moon remains red. The players enter into the pyramid and come across a ritual area, its walls containing the faces of numerous races and people and the furniture consisting of a stone bed. Three florans covered in robes can be seen chanting over it. The faint view of something can be seen beginning to appear on the bed. As they keep chanting, the room around them erupts into screams and cries of pain. The eyes of all the faces on the wall have opened and are secreting blood. Their mouths contorted in pain as the screams grow louder. The floor slowly begins to fill with blood. The crew has had enough. Ghol runs up to one of the priests and stabs him with his psyblade as he keeps chanting. He chops off its head. The other priests continue to chant louder as the cries grow louder.  Beavis shoots one in the head, as he falls to the ground. The last one continues to chant until its last breath, as Beavis kills him. The object can clearly be seen and looks to be a psyblade. It slowly begins to fade as the room grows silent. Ghol, realizing what he's done, begins to attune to the temple and begins to chant the same chant the floran priests did before. The object comes into reality and they grab it. The blood moon fades and the room grows quiet. The crew investigates around and comes across a jewel laden skull, which Beavis relieves of its jewels. Another skull is found and Ghol pushes in its eyes. A door opens and a staircase leading down can be found. As they proceed down the staircase using their comms lights as a flashlight the staircase comes to an end suddenly. They flash their light down and see numerous corpses. Above they can see the bodies of people hanging from ropes. The crew leaves the temple. Beavis looks around for the person they rescued but it appears he ran off, with his blaster pistol. Beavis curses. He blows up the Barrels They proceed back to the ship and return to Pegasus to give Hick’s the psyblade. He accepts it and pays the crew for the Jewels. Hicks tells the players to meet a cyborg at Little Ricky’s Bar on Warren. They proceed to the bar, a small one outside of Helinskin, the main city of Warren. They walk in, Ghol asks about the cyborg and the bartender directs them to a private room. Inside they see a table where a large beefy man with cybernetic arms and a black slicked back haircut can be seen inside. He is next to a skinny man with long flowing aqua marine hair, a black tank top and large yellow jacket with fur lining. A blaster can be seen at his hip. “Ah, glad to see you were able to make it.” The cyborg greets them in a gravelly voice. “I’m Bart Thompson and this is my brother Wilson Thompson.” he gestures to his brother who waves at them. Ghol ignores this and asks “So you know about this key?”. “Depends on if it's the key I think it is.” Bart Thompson says proudly, leaning back in his chair. “Blacker than the void of space, cylindrical.” Ghol says dryly. “That's the one, funny that I’m the one telling a Spectre about it.” Bart chuckles. He leans forward. “There’s a legend about a key in Spectre mythology. Something reserved for elders only, they couldn’t let anyone else know, I found out about it some years ago when a scroll fell into my hands by accident.” He leans back in his chair. “I’m one if not the only human to know.” “Get to the story.” Ghol says. “Fine, Fine.”
“Anyways it goes as so, In the olden years, before the Galactic Union and before space travel, a god called the Creator created the Spectres, the first race in the new galaxy that the gods had created. He created them to resemble the Creator. The Creator would go on to create numerous other races and creatures, until he was sabotaged by Slyk. Slyk sneaked into the Creator’s lab, where he used what was available to create a creature made of Chaos. For centuries it brought strife and chaos upon the galaxy until the Creator managed to capture it, bringing the suffering to an end. He locked the creature in a cage and created a key made from the void of space. He hid away the creature and entrusted the spectres with the key, specifically he entrusted a young Spectre cleric named Yein’ud with the key and a new order was formed, the Order of Yein'ud. The Creator informed Yein’ud that should the key meet the lock it was made for, a single wish would be granted but the galaxy would fall into armageddon. Yein’ud would go on to recruit numerous other Spectres to his order, eventually becoming one of the dominating religions among Spectres. Despite numerous journeys by the Spectres and other races who have heard of this legend, the lock has never been found and the key itself was hidden after a religious crusade was launched upon the home planet of the Spectres.”

Ghol doesn’t react. He’s not sure what to think yet. “Anyways. My brother and I have been looking for such a thing for a long time and are willing to take it off your hands, especially since I’ve heard it's been bringing you trouble. Ten Ducketts.” Beavis immediately butts in, leaning over the table looking at Bart “Fuck no, that thing is worth way more than that.” “Shame, can’t shake you?” Bart asks. “Hell no!” Ghol chimes in. “Well, shame things are gonna come to this.” Bart says. Bart kicks the table and pulls out his blaster, trying to shoot Ghol. Wilson pulls out his blaster and fires it at Beavis. Beavis is hit in the leg but Ghol manages to scramble behind a wall and dodges the shot fired at him, Beavis pulls out his blaster and shoots Wilson, hitting him in the throat. He falls to the ground. Several more shots fly across the room before the bartender busts in with a shotgun and tells everyone to get the hell out. Bart picks up his brother and dryly says “This isn’t over, I’ve gotta get him to a hospital.” He walks out. The bartender aims his gun at the crew and they decide to leave the bar. They see a designer car pull out and practically fly past them, inside they see the two brothers. The crew goes back to the ship and prepares for their next job.

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