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intro post i guess??? (updated!)

heyhey, im seth or joel.

a few details about me are:

i kin a lot of characters as a way to cope w identity issues (#_<-)

current #1 kin is yuji itadori

i cosplay occasionally! hopefully gonna get a yuji cosplay soon!! (@/remgraves on tiktok)

i edit my hyperfixations a lot :3 (@/daza1mp3 on tiktok and @/dnjimix on insta)

idk what the hell my gender is (probably trans masc), but i go by he/him pronouns and i'm bi :3

i write poetry once in a blue moon and i draw XP

i'm mainly an OC/fanart artist but i do dabble in painting when i can.

i'm currently homeschooled (due to issues with the school system where i live, etc.)

i speak english, afrikaans (proud south african) and im learning russian and scottish gaelic!!

i'm also diagnosed with:

autism spectrum disorder (level 1)

anxiety disorder (includes anxiety tics)

clinical depression

ARFID (common ED autistic people struggle with)

and i'm hoping to get tested for BPD! (discussing with my psychologist.)

and that should conclude my intro, i think.

if you have any questions, feel free to ask :>

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kavehkinnie (autoplay!)

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woah i also go by kaveh thats so cool

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omg thats awesome

by joel ᶻ 𝗓 𐰁; ; Report

◞ blaire ! ‧₊˚

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WOAH HOLD ON I WS ABOUT TO CHECK OUT UR TIKTOK ACCS I JUST REALIZED U FOLLOW ME ON UR COSPLAY ACC ALREADY HELP? i have NO idea if u know me but u seem so cool i will follow back!!!

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js realized mayb u found me cuz i have my user in my bio LOLL.. but ya that's a coincidence!! vv cool!!

by ◞ blaire ! ‧₊˚; ; Report


by joel ᶻ 𝗓 𐰁; ; Report