My partners bl00d

I love my partners blood. It is so nice to lick it up.

I'm aware I have interest in cannibalism as a form of showing exceptional spiritual devotion and drinking their blood is so euphoric to me. I know that's unusual to say the least.

However I will note it is always done with consent and without encouraging harm. Without consent it is no longer loving, it's just abuse and hurting someone I dearly love. It's juts not attractive to me unless it's freely given. 

I've only been given consent for the few times they've happened to cut their face while shaving. I would NEVER encourage them to cut themselves on purpose nor do I want them too. 

But oh dear gods when they've wiped the few small droplets of blood onto their thumb and allowed me to lick it off, it feels so amazingly intimate. I will take any thing they give me it's such a rich coppery taste (mixed often with the after taste of shaving cream lmao) that drives me wild.

Puppy dog heart eyes always follow them; I'm hauntingly obsessed and devoted to them.

Tasting and consuming a literal part of their life force is full of so much love and intimate trust. I love them with all my heart turly and desperately <3

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