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In the last two weeks, I’ve gone from my back being out of place and my neck hurting, to having a kidney stone, to being diagnosed with double ear infections and a sinus infection. All the while, I’ve been going to work, taking care of my man because he just got a new job, caring for my dogs, cooking and cleaning. I’ve not been able to take any time off to be sick. Needless to say, I’ve been exhausted and feeling like I’m hanging on a thread. Since getting on antibiotics four days ago, I’ve finally started feeling a little better. 

I’m really hoping that this is a sign of better days ahead. Between struggling with pain, bad health, and money issues, I’ve felt like I might not have much more to give lately. I know I won’t give up because I have a daughter and animals that need me but damn, I wish I could give up and disappear for a couple days without my world completely coming apart at the seams.

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