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day review

getting up this morning was pretty hard but it's hard every morning.

i got to work around 11:15, i was supposed to get there by 11 but no one seemed to mind.

i should be grateful that i work at such a lax place

all of my coworkers today were people I'm friends with so that was nice

it wasn't very busy today me and my friends had a nice conversation about demons and ghosts and planned a road trip to explore abandoned places in the summer (i am very skeptical of ghosts and demons and they were insistent that they are real)

then we talked about dreams and our nightmares and sleep paralysis moments

and one of my friends told me how he learned how to lucid dream.

after work I just laid down and watched YouTube, and then I cooked some really good pasta and shrimp

then after watching some more YouTube,i showered, then i read a little, sketched something out really poorly, and journaled, 

8/10 day, though i wish i didn't waste so much time on YouTube

also i wish i went to bed earlier, it's 2 in the morning now. 

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