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Glow up szn

Even tho this year has only been a year for 7 days, I'm already starting to feel way better with my life. Starting the year single with new makeup, new hair, and soon new nails (hopefully)...I'm feeling great. As for the hottie in my last post, idk abt her. She is totally my type and she's saur pretty but like... I need to be realistic. She is 100% out of my league, or more like 65% out of my league. She's amazing yk but im gonna be realistic. She's probs used to girls tht are like...your everday average girl that does makeup in the back of the classroom. And yes I do makeup in my classes too, but ykwim. All of her friends and ppl that she's following and what not have smth similar about them. And I do NAWT match that description. She's used to girls that stream Drake, Frank Ocean, and SZA. What am I gonna do when she asks me who my fav artist is and I say MCR? "Oh I love Panic! at the Disco!" She's gonna call me and emo freak and punch me in the stomach. But she is an anime nerd so she can't rlly talk :/. Idk y im even freaking out over this. 9/10 I won't even wind up actually texting her and will just admire from afar. idk :/. Oh well im just bored and will probz spam blog over this ;(

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